Savoury vegan snacks to help beat those self-isolation cravings

Read Time:   |  24th March 2020

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Many of us are finding ourselves at home with the fridge lying in temptations way. So why not treat yourself to some of these healthy savoury vegan snacks to keep you going?

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Primal Strips

Price: £1.69

You certainly don’t need animals to make a satisfying vegan jerky, just give this seitan-based snack a try and see for yourself! It comes in 5 different flavours so you can try hot & spicy, smoked, Texas BBQ, Thai peanut, or teriyaki.

Easy Bean

Price: £2.95

The handmade, 100% natural, gluten-free crackers are absolutely delicious. Coming in either red lentil & poppy seed or fava bean & poppy seed flavours, they’re perfect as they are or dipped in a tub of hummus.

Love Corn

Price: £1.20

Do you secretly love getting to the end of the popcorn so you can munch on the kernels? Well, now you can skip straight to them with these delicious kernel flavours. There are 3 different flavours that include smoked BBQ, sea salt, and habanero chilli.

Nudie Snacks

Price: £0.99

Not only is this savoury snack exciting, but it’s also healthy. With a range that includes lentils, chickpeas, split peas, and broad beans these packs will give you a great source of plant-based protein.


Price: £0.99

These deliciously thin slices of seaweed will give you that much-needed energy boost midday. Seaweed is high in vitamin K, B vitamins, zinc and iron making this a great option for those looking for a snack with a side helping of goodness.


Price: £2.50

Imagine a snack that’s not only delicious and vegan, but helps to give a free school meal for a child in need? Dubbing themselves “the snack that gives back” Howdah do exactly that. With a delicious range including Bombay mix, bakarwadi, masala dippers, and onion bhaji these are a perfect snack for you to enjoy.

Indie Bay

Price: £1.25

There is nothing quite like the salty flavour and the crunch of a pretzel. These delicious pretzels come in a variety of flavours including rock salt, sunflower & superseeds, spelt & easy cheesy, smokin’ bbq & spelt, and quinoa & cracked pepper.

The Nut Shack

Price: £2-£4

These peanuts have been devised so that they can deviate from mainstream flavours and instead produce the delicious selection we see today. Taking the peanuts to new levels you can try a range of 4 different tastes including piri piri, bacon flavoured (don’t worry, they’re meat-free!), tikka masala, and habanero & garlic.

I Love Snacks

Price: From £1

I Love Snacks has a range of tasty, low-calorie treats. You can try dehydrated fruit, natural Italian olives, or nuts in their range. It’s the perfect snack to munch away on.

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