Looking for Guilt-free Escapism? Olivine and Ruby have you covered!

Read Time:   |  22nd February 2021

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A timeless ode to travel, Olivine and Ruby’s 100% natural soy wax candles whisk you away to different places around the world.


From Rio de Janeiro to Florence, Goa to Hong Kong, their vegan candles are guaranteed to make you feel like booking your next trip. Each fragrance pays homage to Charlotte and Son’s (the founders) favourite places that they’ve travelled to, reminding them fondly of times passed.

Charlotte’s concept of, ‘moments, memories and sentiments’ encompasses the feeling of reminiscing about a special point in time and turning it into something to hold on to; a sentiment.

Her vegan soy wax candles are a personal insight into her connection with wonderful locations, married with the cosy feelings of ‘hygge’, the Danish concept of comfort. She hopes they will inspire people to visit the locations of the Olivine and Ruby collection or they perhaps enable you to take your own trip down memory lane.

One candle in their signature collection (São Paulo Sundays) is centred around their time in São Paulo in Brazil. Charlotte and Son adored their Sundays spent on the Avenida Paulista.

The avenue would be closed off to all cars and traffic every Sunday, and instead would be filled with food stalls, markets, bandstands, music, runners, dog walkers, cyclists… the whole community. Like a mini-festival every Sunday on your doorstep.

It’s moments like these that have inspired each of their fragrances. Olivine and Ruby’s citrusy, blood orange and verbena scented candle named São Paulo Sundays is a nod to that particular city trip in Brazil. It’s invigorating, revitalising and refreshing, just like the Avenida was on those sunny mornings; the perfect sentiment.


While travel is a huge part of the brand, it was equally as imperative for Charlotte to provide her customers with scented candles that were responsibly made using quality equipment and cruelty-free, vegan ingredients all intricately handcrafted and poured by herself.

As a small business in the luxury sector, Olivine and Ruby proudly use sustainable, vegan-friendly soy wax with cotton, lead-free wicks. This combination of materials provide a clean, slow burn with minimal sooting for their customers. They also only use carefully created fragrance oils that are specifically formulated for use in candles and are completely cruelty-free and vegan.


Alongside using plant-based wax, Charlotte chose clear glass candle vessels as they can be recycled or reused for many purposes once their candle is finished.

Single-use plastic usage is also very limited, so be rest assured that your signature candle boxes and postage material is all recyclable or reusable, even down to the compostable and biodegradable film the box is wrapped in.

A perfect, guilt-free gift for that special someone – an opportunity for some indulgent escapism whilst supporting small business.

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