Natvia – the natural sweetness solution

Read Time:   |  27th September 2017

Discover Natvia, the natural sweetness solution for baking and adding a little more sweetness to your life. 

Natvia - the natural sweetness solution

Sugar consumption is now considered one of the biggest factors of obesity in the UK. Reports from Diabetes UK suggest that the number of diabetes related amputations are at a high of 20 per day, that’s 140 a week. This shocking report suggests that the sugar consumption for the British population is costing their health tremendously.  It’s also been reported that Britain will be the fattest country on the continent by 2025 as 40% of adults are classed as obese.


Established in 2008 by health enthusiast and food entrepreneur, Samuel Tew, Natvia  is a 100% naturally derived sweetener and it’s an easy way to replacing sugar the healthy way. Made from organic stevia and natural nectar erythritol, Natvia is one of the world’s leading natural sweeteners, 100% naturally derived. Natvia is virtually calorie free and has no effect on glucose levels.

Stevia is a sweet leaf plant that is traditionally grown in South America and different parts of Asia. It is known as a popular natural extract, one of the best and most powerful in taste. Its sweetness power is incredible, with being 300 times sweeter than sugar.


Made from a special blend of organic stevia and erythritol, Natvia has absolutely nothing artificial in it. Erythritol is a natural nectar found in fruits like melons and grapes and this ads a nice, clean flavour to the sweet taste of stevia. The unique combination and special blend between the two is what gives Natvia its delicious taste.

Sweet like sugar with no bitter aftertaste, Natvia is the perfect healthy alternative to sugar. It’s low in carbs and fructose free but deliciously sweet in taste. 

Natvia was created so that you can enjoy the healthy, natural way to enjoy sweetness in your life.


Natvia is the ideal product for all the baking lovers out there. Create your favourite dessert recipes without the sugar. With a deliciously sweet taste and low in carbs, use Natvia just as you would sugar.


After having conducted 600 trials with baristas and coffee experts to get the taste just right, Natvia has been crafted to complement your daily coffee or tea with the sweet taste you love, but without the calories.

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