Moving Mountains launches its first vegan chicken products to ‘help give chickens Veganuary off’

Author: Ashleigh Poole

Read Time:   |  15th December 2022

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Moving Mountains will launch two new vegan options into Sainsbury's and Ocado, with £1 per purchase donated to the British Hen Welfare Trust


Moving Mountains is adding two vegan chicken products to its meat-free range for the first time as part of its new campaign ‘help give chickens Veganuary off’.

The brand has become known for its vegan burgers and hot dogs, but now it’s making its first steps into the vegan chicken alternative sector with vegan chicken nuggets and chicken burgers.

It is campaigning to bring light to what commercial hens could do with a little time off. For each purchase, Moving Mountains will donate £1 to the British Hen Welfare Trust, an organisation which rehomes commercial hens with the belief that they deserve a natural lifestyle in the open air.

Better for the environment and chickens

From late December, Moving Mountains’ 10 pack of No Chicken Nuggets will be available to buy on Ocado for £3 per pack. Tender and crunchy, the nuggets are very dippable, as well as being high in protein and cholesterol-free.

The Moving Mountains No Chicken Burgers will come in a pack of 2, priced at £3 per pack, from both Ocado and Sainsbury’s. The crunchy coating and southern spiced flavouring make them perfect for covering in mayo, topping with lettuce and popping between two halves of a bun for a cruelty-free burger night.

Founder and CEO of Moving Mountains, Simeon Van De Molen said in a statement to Vegan Food & Living: “We know that poultry is one the most popular meats consumed in the UK, and we’re hugely proud of our new plant-based products, which are not only better for the environment (and for millions of chickens!) but also taste delicious and will leave diners wanting more!

“Our nuggets and chicken burger have been in development for many months, to perfect the crispiest coating and most succulent centre, guaranteed to satisfy both committed carnivores and seasoned flexitarians. We hope customers will enjoy them throughout Veganuary, and beyond.”

Moving Mountains has introduced two new products to its range - vegan chicken burgers and nuggets

Moving Mountains has introduced two new products to its range - vegan chicken burgers and nuggets


Other Moving Mountains options

Moving Mountains was founded in 2016 with the aim of leading the way in plant-based meat alternatives that enhance our health, help improve animal welfare, and play a part in food sustainability.

To date, the brand has concentrated on imitating beef, fish and pork with its range.

The Moving Mountains Burger has become a popular staple, as well as plant-based mince, hot dogs and both the No Fish Fillets and No Fish Fingers.

It is proud that its two new vegan chicken products require less land, water and greenhouse emissions to produce than real chicken.

It also uses 100% recyclable packaging for its products, and because the range is frozen, Moving Mountains can contribute to reducing the UK’s estimated 10 million tonnes of food waste, with the extended products’ shelf life.

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