Kopparberg’s entire range is now suitable for vegans

Author: Rachel Smith

Read Time:   |  10th August 2021

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Are you wondering if Kopparberg is vegan? Swedish cider brand Kopparberg's entire product range is now vegan following a recipe change


Cider brand Kopparberg’s entire range is now suitable for vegans.

Kopparberg is ensuring everyone can enjoy a summer filled with fruity ciders with this welcome announcement.

The company’s fruit-flavoured ciders have been a summertime staple for many years thanks to their refreshing flavours.

However, while some vegan options such as Kopparberg Alcohol-Free and Hard Seltzer were available, its famous ciders were not vegan.

This is because previously Kopparberg used gelatine in the filtering process. Adding gelatine to alcoholic drinks is a common practice that speeds up the clarification process and makes them clear.

Thankfully, the company has now switched to using a vegan-friendly alternative to make its range inclusive.

Is Kopparberg vegan?

Kopparberg is stocked in a wide range of the UK’s favourite bars and supermarkets. The refreshing range includes flavours such as Strawberry & Lime and Pear that are perfect for enjoying on a sunny day.

Following a short transition period, the company is pleased to announce that all Kopparberg products. This includes its range of fruity gin, rum, and vodka drinks.

Kopparberg’s new vegan-friendly drinks are rolling out to UK supermarkets and bars now. However, you’ll need to make sure you check the label before you purchase while old stock is still available.

To make it clear that the products are now vegan, Kopparberg is adding a statement to all of its new packaging. So, keep your eyes peeled for the new vegan-friendly drinks on your next shopping trip!


Kopparberg’s Head of Marketing, Rob Salvesen, said that the company was keen to ensure its products were “accessible to as many people as possible.”

He revealed: “By ensuring our products are vegan-friendly we are simply paving the way for more people to enjoy our refreshing drinks.

“Just like our first-ever flavoured cider made a lasting impression, we know that now being fully vegan will be another first that lasts.”

Vegan cider

Kopparberg’s announcement follows a similar move by Swedish brand Rekorderlig in 2019.

After changing the process used to make its drinks, Rekorderlig announced that its premium fruit-flavoured ciders were all vegan.

Like Kopparberg, Rekorderlig had previously incorporated gelatine into its manufacturing process.

We don’t know about you, but we’re planning on celebrating this happy news with a cold cider. Cheers!

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