Juicy Marbles’ vegan steaks now available on Mighty Plants

Author: Molly Pickering

Read Time:   |  13th March 2023

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This is not a drill - Juicy Marbles' tantalising vegan steaks are now available to order through Mighty Plants!

For the last year, Juicy Marbles has tantalized us with limited drops of its prime plant-based whole-cut steaks.

But now, thanks to a partnership with plant-based online retailer Mighty Plants, you can order Juicy Marbles whenever you want – at a deliciously discounted price! Read our Juicy Marbles vegan steak review if you’re yet to try them

Just like mamma made

Whole-cuts play an intimate role in our cooking rituals. Aside from being simple to make and super satiating, most of us grew up with whole-cuts as the centrepiece of our meals.

Juicy Marbles is opening up new avenues for plant-based (or plant-curious) eaters who want to get creative with whole-cuts in the kitchen.

And it seems to be working; Gear Patrol named Juicy Marbles among the Top 100 Food & Drink Products of 2022, saying: “If this is where plant-based is going, consider us protein-curious.”

Credit: Juicy Marbles

Credit: Juicy Marbles

A whole world of options for home cooking

Burgers, nuggets, and sausages are wonderful. But, they can limit your creative cooking powers. Marbles’ meats perform just like “whole-muscle.”

So you finally have the freedom to experiment with plant-based cuts and styles that were impossible until now. Whether you’re preparing an elevated steak dinner for your lover. Or a cauldron of slow-braised stew for the whole family, Marbles has you covered.

Nutritious (yet naughty)

Marbles’ meats aren’t only vessels of flavour. They’re dense with macro and micronutrients too, scoring a perfect ‘A’ on the Nutriscore scale.

With Marbles meats, you get a complete amino acid profile, low saturated fat and cholesterol, 20g of protein per serving, and a generous helping of B12, iron, and fibre. So you can feel good bringing Marbles to the family table.

Who are Juicy Marbles?

Juicy Marbles started as a dorm room passion project. Two young students tinkered with different types of fermentation, built bio-reactors in Nutella jars, and crafted different protein textures.

By sheer chance, or determination (it’s unclear which), they made something steak-like. They paid a guy two six-packs of beer to build them the first prototype of a tiny “proof-of-concept” machine that could make complex protein structures, akin to whole cuts (steak, chicken breast, ribs,…).

At the time, they made plant meats as a cheap, yet tasty way to feed themselves and friends while studying. However, a couple of new friends and blurry months later, the “project” got funded and Juicy Marbles’ Surreal Kitchen was born.

One year later, Juicy Marbles built a factory, the first of its kind, which can produce large cuts of plant meat designed to entertain the whole table, while not compromising on nutrition. Since then, they have launched two products (for starters)—a marbled steak and a whole “muscle,” both entirely plant-based.

From a small group of friends, they have evolved into a collective of creators at the intersection of food, science, and art. And they plan to use their diabolical protein magic to create more memorable culinary experiences, succulent vessels of nutrition, and to fight the forces of evil that have captured our food system (and the world).

Credit: Juicy Marbles

Credit: Juicy Marbles

Where to buy Juicy Marbles vegan steaks

You can buy Juicy Marbles Thick-Cut Fillets and Whole-Cut Loin through Mighty Plants and Juicy Marbles Web store with prices starting from just £12.

Fancy making your own vegan steak? Try our vegan steak Diane recipe

Feature image credit: Juicy Marbles

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