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Read Time:   |  19th November 2021

Looking for that perfect Christmas present that's nutritious, fun and earth conscious? Look no further than Vegums' vegan gummy bear vitamins!

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for the vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or plant-basedaterian in your life? That last one didn’t work, but you get the idea.

Vegums are a vegan gummy bear vitamin company.

They are 100% plastic-free and carbon-negative, and are here to supply you with the perfect gift idea for planet conscious people!

Their founders John and Abdul, two vegan pharmacists, noticed a lack of vegan-friendly gummy supplements on the market, that were environmentally friendly AND fit in with their core beliefs. Vegums have a rather amazing range of gummy vitamins.

This includes their Original Multivitamin, a Fish-Free Omega-3, an Iron Supplement and their brand new Sugar-Free A-Z Multivitamin.

Vegums Original Multivitamin

The Original Multivitamin contains vitamins B12, B6 and D3 as well as folic acid, selenium and iodine.

This little bear is flavoured with natural strawberry and was created specifically to complement the vegan diet.

Vegums have created the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals that might be missing when a person cuts out both meat and dairy

Iron Gummies

So what about iron? This seems to be the first question that comes to mind when discussing or thinking about veganism.

Vegums blackberry flavoured iron gummies contain your entire daily 14mg dose of iron, which helps keep tiredness and fatigue at bay.

Vegan Omega-3 vitamins

A common misconception is that oily fish is the best or the only way to get vital omega-3 into your diet.

Did you know that algae oil actually has all the goodness we need?

Vegums have recognised this and cut out the middle man (fish). We know all too well the plight of omega-3 supplements and their fishy flavour – yuck.

No fear here! Vegums sustainable, animal-friendly omega gummy tastes only of natural zingy orange.

Sugar-Free Multivitamins

Last but definitely not least, our favourite of the Vegums bears is their newest addition, the Sugar-Free A-Z Multivitamin.

This little bear is packed full of vitamins, all tied together flavoured with amazing, tangy raspberry. Similar to their Original Multivitamin, the A-Z contains vitamins B12, B6 and D3 but that’s not all!

They’ve also added Vitamins A, K1, C, D3 and biotin, folic acid, niacin and zinc. As well as being our favourite, it’s the best all-rounder and we are obsessed with the addition of biotin, making our hair, skin and nail dreams come true.

Where to order your Vegums vitamins

We know that’s a LOT to take in, and you might be do I decide?

Well, Vegums have two gift bundles to choose from, you can pick between the Original ‘Complete Set’ which contains the Original Multivitamin, Omega-3 and Iron OR the newer ‘A-Z Bundle’ where you’ll get A-Z, Omega-3 and Iron!

There are also some cheeky added eco extras. So go check it out at

One last thing! Vegums also offer a monthly subscription package so you’ll never be without their super tasty, vegan certified bears.

If you fancy it, use the code “veganfood10” for 10% off your first purchase.

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*This is a paid advertorial for Vegums


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