Introducing the first vegan Psychodermatology skincare line – with a strict ‘No Negativity & No BS Rule!

Read Time:   |  13th November 2017

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Allow us to introduce you to the first Psychodermatology skincare line, PĀIVÄ Skincare. It’s vegan, with a strict ‘No Negativity & BS Rule’!

Introducing the first vegan Psychodermatology skincare line - with a strict 'No Negativity & No BS Rule!

PĀIVÄ Skincare is a brand new skincare range launched by American psychotherapy and cosmetology guru Michele Paiva, to promote wellness in all parts of life.

Natural skincare products

All of the formulas are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and paraben free, botanically infused, and come in a box glittered with dried lavender and tissue. It’s perfect as a treat for yourself, or as a gift as Christmas gets closer.

The range spans cleansers, face masks and scrubs, to revitalise your skin with a natural alternative to mainstream treatments.

“Aloe, Gorgeous!” is a cornerstone of the range, a cleanser/mask fusion developed for effectiveness and versatility. It contains activated charcoal, organic orange peel oil, organic aloe vera and far more.

Introducing the first vegan Psychodermatology skincare line - with a strict 'No Negativity & No BS Rule!

The extracts and oils have been carefully chosen to help stimulate collagen production, to lower inflammation and boost circulation. The activated charcoal blend within is designed to attach to impurities and purge pores to prevent breakouts, especially those hormone breakouts and other infections.

Designed for all skin types, it’s “nourishing, hydrating and whisks impurities away,” according to PĀIVÄ.

Other products in the range include:

  • Sea Your Truth Serum, is a sea-enriched formula, for face, neck, décolletage, scalp and hands. is rich in nourishing algae, it’s designed to replenish skin, and can also be used as a clear primer under makeup.
  • Seasonal mud masks and scrubs are always a hit with Mermaid Mud bringing a surf and turf skin food vibe to the face. Great for clarifying, balancing sebum product and age spots and sun damage also. A little fun component, is that every jar has a “sea treasure” charm within. Complimentary charm bracelet and mermaid pendant charm included.
  • Gourd-eous Plump-kin Scrub and mask is perfect for skin that needs TLC, and smells like a hot pumpkin pie when applied. Amazing.
  • Upcoming Love Yourself S’more, is a chocolate treat… and the moment it hits the skin, it becomes even more creamy, as it reacts to the temperature of the skin in harmony.

Each purchase comes with psycho-dermatology-focused coaching for self-esteem, life transitions and more.

Introducing the first vegan Psychodermatology skincare line - with a strict 'No Negativity & No BS Rule!

Body-mind connection

“We hear so much about the body-mind connection, but it’s become background noise now” says Michele, who’s background in wellness and therapy stretches back 30 years.

“We are still incredibly disconnected as a society. When we have disconnect, we suffer. When we suffer our organs can be taxed. The largest organ, the one that is the most telling of our health, is our skin. I have seen my clients suffering from the inside out, literally. This is where our line differs.

“Not only do we use high quality botanicals for ingredients, we offer zero-karmic negativity as we are cruelty free and vegan (and refuse to use wasteful decorative boxes).

We also recognize that being gluten-free is incredibly important for the wellness of many if not most clients. The clients that are gluten-free deserve it, and those that are not, well, we feel we are doing our part in keeping it that way for them. We don’t want to contribute to someone’s potential future gluten sensitivity.”

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