Vegan Boursin Garlic & Herbs cheese review: Does it live up to the original?

Author: Rachel Smith

Read Time:   |  20th December 2021

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We review the new vegan Boursin cheese to see if it lives up to the original as the long-awaited plant-based spread makes its UK debut...


Following its successful US launch, Boursin has finally released its long-awaited vegan Garlic & Herbs cheese spread in the UK.

Inspired by the original Boursin recipe loved by so many, the new spread is made from sunflower oil and has an “intense garlic, fragrant parsley and chive” flavour.

According to the company, it has the same familiar flavourings and herbs to give it the signature Boursin taste.

Before going vegan some nine years ago, Boursin with crusty bread was one of my guilty pleasures.

So, I literally jumped for joy when I heard that the company would be releasing a plant-based version of its iconic soft cheese in the UK.

Although there are a few options for vegans looking for spreadable vegan garlic and herb cheeses like those offered by Sheese and Violife, I find they don’t quite have the same punchy herb flavour that Boursin is known for.

Vegan Boursin Garlic & Herbs review

When I opened the pot, the first thing I noticed is that vegan Boursin has a much smoother consistency.

In fact, it’s more like a cream cheese spread than a soft crumbly cheese like the original.

Personally, I like the texture as it’s much easier to spread, but I was disappointed it wasn’t the same texture. Because of the smooth texture, it’s very similar to other products already available on the market.

One other drawback to the smoother texture is that the cheese is packaged in a plastic tub, whereas the original comes in foil and cardboard packaging.

However, upon tasting the cheese, I was pleased to find that it is reminiscent of dairy Boursin with its blend of garlic and herbs.

Although I did find that the most prominent flavour was the garlic which is much stronger than the other flavours and lingers on the palate.

Vegan Boursin is smoother in texture, more akin to a cheese spread. It also has a much milder taste than the original with more emphasis on the garlic.

Vegan Boursin is smoother in texture, more akin to a cheese spread. It also has a much milder taste than the original with more emphasis on the garlic.

Because of the subtle flavour of the herbs, I actually found the overall flavour to be really quite mild when spread on toast.

This was disappointing as I was excited about the prospect of having a vegan garlic and herb cheese with a really bold flavour.

For me, it’s not quite close enough in flavour or texture to be a truly satisfying alternative to the original.

The verdict

So, would I buy the new vegan Boursin cheese again? I would if I was heading out for a picnic and wanted to fill my basket with quick and convenient products.

It would also be fantastic as a base for a creamy vegan pasta sauce when you want a super quick and comforting dinner.

But I think for now I will be sticking with my favourite super-simple vegan garlic and herb cheese recipe.

When I want to get my Boursin fix, I like to use this cashew-based recipe. For me, it is much more flavoursome as it’s made with fresh herbs.

Plus, as it’s made from cashews it has that slightly coarser, more crumbly texture similar to the original Boursin cheese.

Dairy-free Boursin is available exclusively in Sainsbury’s in December priced at £3. It will be rolled out to further retailers in 2022.

If you’re a vegan cheese fan like me and want to try making your own, cheese out these vegan cheese recipes!

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