We tried the ‘world’s first’ vegan chicken with a bone from Biff’s that everyone’s talking about

Author: Rachel Smith

Read Time:   |  26th April 2022

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Hot on the heels of its launch at Waitrose, we review Biff's new vegan jackfruit range to see what all the fuss is about its innovative vegan chicken wings complete with a faux 'bone'...


I get a lot of vegan meat alternatives landing on my desk, so it’s rare to receive one that’s so completely different to anything else available on the market.

But last week, I was sent an exciting parcel of goodies from vegan restaurant Biff’s to celebrate the launch of its first range of products landing in Waitrose stores.

Having lusted over their incredible vegan creations on Instagram for years, I was thrilled to hear that those of us outside London can now get our hands on some of their most famous products.

Oftentimes I find that supermarket versions of products from brands are a little disappointing as they can be lacking in the taste and texture department, but that’s not the case with Biff’s Plant Shack range!

From fully loaded fries and sauces to crispy vegan burgers and wingz, everything in the range is truly absolutely delicious.

I particularly enjoyed the Smoky Chilli Cheeze Waffles Fries which were positively heaving with a generous load of toppings!

However, it’s the ‘world’s first’ vegan chicken wings complete with a bone that really captured my attention and got everyone talking on social media!

Many people questioned why vegans would want to eat something with a faux bone, so I thought the best thing to do would be to put them to the test.

So if you want to know what all the fuss is about, read on as I share my honest review of the range’s hero product – Biff’s Crispy Fried Jackfruit Wingz…


Biff’s Crispy Fried Jackfruit Wingz review

I should start this review by saying that I have never actually eaten chicken wings before, so it was a real treat to be able to experience them vegan-style.

As there are numerous mock meats made from soya and pea protein on the market, I love that Biff’s has stayed away from creating vegan chicken from lots of highly-processed ingredients.

Instead, they’ve used plants, specifically jackfruit, mushrooms, and carrots in a creative way to mimic the texture of meat with great success.

The texture of the jackfruit ‘chicken’ meat is very soft and tender so doesn’t have quite the same mouthfeel as chicken as it’s more similar to pulled pork, but personally, I find it to be far nicer.

For me, the best bit was the beautiful, crunchy coating – it is so perfect and moreish and stays super crispy when you bake it. Plus, it isn’t greasy like batters typically are.


In terms of the flavour, the wingz don’t quite taste like chicken in the way that some vegan chicken alternatives do, but I often find these have a weirdly synthetic taste.

I actually found the taste of Biff’s jackfruit wingz to be so much more flavoursome and delicious because the meaty element feels fresher, juicier, and more naturally flavoursome.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t overly keen on the sugarcane ‘bone’. Having never eaten a chicken wing before, I didn’t enjoy the feel of biting into it when eating the meaty part as it has a very firm texture.

But Biff’s founder, Biff Bloom-Burrows, has acknowledged that this might take a bit of getting used to for vegans, saying: “As vegans ourselves, we understand that the sugarcane can, at first bite, seem a little weird – especially if bones are something that always made you feel uncomfortable in a meat product.”

However, I do love that Biff’s has thought outside the box to give vegans a novel experience that’s outside the norm. Plus, when you load your wingz up with Biff’s tasty sauces, the bone is handy for keeping your fingers clean!

Biff’s wanted to create a ‘genuine wing-eating experience’ with their Crispy Jackfruit Wingz, and I think they’ve nailed it as they are a fun and delicious treat for both vegans and flexitarians.

Biff’s Plant Shack range is available in the chilled aisles of 280 UK Waitrose stores. RRPs are £2.50 for sauces, £3.95 for waffle fries, and £4.50 for wings and burgers.

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Written by

Rachel Smith

Having launched the brand's digital presence in 2015, Rachel shares her love for animals and the planet through her work as Vegan Food & Living’s Digital Editor. As a passionate vegan for over eight years, Rachel loves creating delicious vegan dessert recipes for her award-winning blog, Rawberry Fields. Rachel's recipes and photography have been featured in numerous international print and digital publications including the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Thrive, and Buzzfeed. You can follow Rachel at @rawberryfields

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