Discover the best vegan cheeses for your vegan cheeseboard

Read Time:   |  11th December 2019

Looking to put together a delicious vegan cheeseboard but don’t know what to go for? Here are some of the best vegan cheese brands we love to get you started…

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Best Vegan Cheese

Applewood Vegan


£2.30 for 200g

This is a delicious smoky flavoured vegan cheese alternative with a smooth and creamy texture. It melts beautifully and can be enjoyed on its own or as a topping.

Tyne Smoked Chease


£7.95 for 150g

This cheese is worthy of the finest wine and is a cheeseboard classic, the soft and creamy smoke-infused paprika cheese would combine nicely with something sweet to balance the strong tangy flavour.

Violife Blu


£2.49 for 150g

If you are looking for a unique twist of blue cheese, this is a great choice. This coconut-based cheese adds something different to the cheeseboard with a strong flavour and texture very similar to the real thing.

Follow Your Heart Pepper Jack Slices


£3.29 for 200g

In need of a cheese with more flavour? Blended with green jalapeños and sweet red bell peppers, this creamy cheese will add a zesty kick to your cheeseboard.

Koko Diary Free Cheddar


£2.49 for 150g

This cheddar is surprisingly similar to dairy cheese which its mature and mellow taste and buttery texture. The coconut base also adds a sweet edge to the cheddar.

Violife Cheddar


£2.50 for 200g

This cheese offers a traditional flavour and a strong aroma, it is greatly versatile and will easily pair with lots of flavours. Its appearance and consistency add to the enjoyment of this dairy-free cheddar.

Vbites Red Cheeze


£2.30 for 200g

This cheddar style cheese is made with coconut oil and potato starch and is free from gluten, but, soya and wheat. The distinctive colour and flavour will brighten up any cheeseboard.

Sheese Wensleydale Style with Cranberries


£2.39 for 200g

The creamy and firm consistency of this cheese gives it a pleasant texture. The sweetness of the coconut base and the cranberries adds a depth of flavour not found in many cheeses.

Best Vegan Crackers

Easy Bean – Fava Bean & Poppy Seed Crackers 

£2.95 for 160g

Made from pulses and plant proteins, these light, golden-baked crackers are speckled with poppy seeds with a savoury, earthy flavour with a hint of sweetness.

Easy Bean – Red Lentil and Poppy Seed Crackers


£2.95 for 160g

These savoury crackers with a slight hint of sweetness are baked to a light red colour that is speckled with poppy seeds. With a crunchy texture, these crackers pair well with cheese.

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