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Discover the best vegan CBD products in the UK and their many benefits. Learn where to buy vegan CBD Gummies online, as well as facts about the edibles.

If you are vegan, vegan-curious, or simply want to be a conscious eater, CBD is just as accessible to you as, say, your favourite non-dairy milk. You should not be held back from the wonderful benefits due to your vegan lifestyle.

CBD Gummies are the best and most popular way to take hemp-derived CBD.

Gummies are a fun snack that come in many different sizes, shapes and flavours. With vegan cannabidiol gummies for sale you are able to have a tasty treat and you can help your stress levels to improve both your mind and body.

Yet the benefit of eating CBD infused gummies during the day does not have to end when you get home. There are many different products that can help you unwind from your day and even help you get to sleep at night.

You will be amazed at how easy it will be to integrate the benefits of CBD into your daily life. No more smelling like smoke or measuring doses. Toss a gummy or two into your mouth. All of a sudden dealing with your everyday pressures will fade away.

You will wake up refreshed and ready to have a happy and productive day. Let’s take a good look at the UK’s favourite vegan CBD Gummies, including JustCBD edibles.

JustCBD Vegan Gummies imagesource: JustCBD

JustCBD Vegan Gummies imagesource: JustCBD

Just CBD Vegan Gummies

  • Manufactured: United States
  • Lab Certificates: Available online
  • Cost: £35.00 per 1000 mg jar
  • Things We Like: Potent and tasty edibles
  • Things We Don’t Like: Difficult to choose from five different flavours

Founded in 2017, this US and UK based brand is widely considered among the best CBD companies out there.

JustCBD is the go-to website for you to shop for vegan CBD products because not only do their gummies taste great but they have a large selection of different sizes and flavours for every customer.

Once you give these gummies a try, you can easily feel the benefits for yourself.

Do you need something to help mellow out your day so you can deal with your everyday stressors, then I suggest their CBD Gummies Vegan Dragon Fruit. The top quality and wide selection are not their only features. Another advantage of shopping at Just CBD is their website which allows for generous discounts when you subscribe for auto-shipments.

Their auto-shipment program even allows you to change the products and the shipping date. They offer five different sizes. They run from 250mg which contains approximately 25 gummies to 3000mg which contains 300 gummies per container.

The CBD fun does not stop there. Just CBD sells the most unique CBD items I have found so far, a CBD bath bomb that comes in five fabulous scents (Rose, Lavender, Citrus, Sweet Cherry and Eucalyptus). It is easy to see why JustCBD ranks at the top of websites to shop for your CBD needs in the UK.

Plus, right now they are donating 10% of their sales to UNHCR to help the people of Ukraine.

Excite for Life Vegan CBD Gummy

  • Manufactured: England
  • Lab Certificates: Available online
  • Cost: £84.99 per 3000 mg jar
  • Things We Like: Large size
  • Things We Don’t Like: High price

Excite for Life CBD has been serving the CBD community since 2015. Things started when their founder Rachael started to use CBD for herself and could not believe the impact it had on her.

She set out to open her own shop. Since then, Excite for Life makes sure its products are among the highest-quality CBD and strive to work with the most reputable CBD suppliers.

It has put together a fairly large selection of CBD infused edibles, along with many other hemp products.

The website also contains a blog section that breaks down users’ guides for beginners, children, oils, vapes and edibles. They even have their own YouTube channel explaining the benefits and correct usage of the products.

On the shopping side, they offer a wide variety of sizes that go from small samples to try specific flavours to 3000mg “Mega Pack” of different shapes and flavours of gummies.

Image source: JustCBD

Image source: JustCBD

Vibes CBD Gummies

  • Manufactured: United Kingdom
  • Lab Certificates: Available online
  • Cost: £39.99 per 500 mg jar
  • Things We Like: Free express delivery
  • Things We Don’t Like: Small selection of goods

Vibes CBD is a relatively new CBD company in the UK, starting in early 2020, but they are certainly making themselves known.

Their team consists of experts from different industries from their hemp farmers to their lab technicians. Vibes CBD likes to say they oversee the whole CBD process from seed to shelf.

While their product line is limited, they are very precise about what they do sell. This CBD merchandise is limited to one size, 500 mg CBD treats.

The bottles come with 20 gummies per bottle and each gummy contains 25mg of pure, THC-free CBD isolate. They offer a 10-pound discount if you order two bottles at a time.

Each CBD capsule contains 20MG of CBD plus 20 ug of Vitamin D3. Their third and final product is CBD Oil.

The bottles are sold in two sizes, 1000mg and 2000 mg, and you get discounts for multiple bottle purchases.

Blessed CBD Gummies

  • Manufactured: United Kingdom
  • Lab Certificates: Available online
  • Cost: £64.95 per 750 mg jar
  • Things We Like: Made with full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Things We Don’t Like: Only one flavour available: Tropical Mix

When CBD was finally legalized in the UK in 2017, the people at Blessed CBD noticed that the products they were seeing were not consistent quality and did not hold up to the far superior US-produced CBD.

This is why they formed Blessed CBD. They wanted to make sure the UK had its supply of reliable, consistent High-quality CBD oil and CBD edibles.

All of their selections are made from full spectrum and broad-spectrum oil that uses the whole plant to extract additional cannabinoids, terpenes and amino acids.

Also, if you look at the very top of their website they have a link showing you all of the ab reports of what they sell. They want to prove to you the quality of their CBD line.

Checking out their online CBD store, they have the main four CBD categories: CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD creams and hemp-derived gummies.

Blessed CBD only offers one selection of edibles and that is their 750mg gummies in a tropical flavour mix.

Their gummies are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Each gummy has 25 mg of CBD and they brag that every batch is lab tested.


And Other Brands has been around since 2018 and is a great help in allowing you to compare different brands all in one place.

Their site is perfect for beginners as they have done a really thorough job at reviewing dozens of hemp brands and showing their differences side by side.

There is a section where their expert researchers have written articles to educate the visitors as to some very specific possible health benefits and the effects that CBD has on a person’s body.

Their company reviews include all of the different lines of products each company sells, a biography about each company, the specs of the different products including sizes and general pricing, and even manufacturing processes and ingredients.

If you are looking for a place to learn the most information about different hemp companies AndOtherBrands is your place to start. It certainly was a great help to me when I was first learning about CBD.


Are CBD Gummies legal in the UK?

Yes, edible CBD is 100% legal in the UK. CBD is no longer a controlled substance and there are no restrictions on the way it is used.

The reason that CBD is legal is that the industrial hemp strain that IT has been derived from must be EU-approved or have less than 0.2% amount of THC and under 1mg THC per dose.

Does it really matter if my CBD Gummies have organic ingredients?

It is greatly advised that you purchase hemp gummies that were made from completely organic natural hemp. Having organic ingredients ensures that the gummy you are putting into your body is safe.

You do not want to be guessing what type of pesticides were used in the growing of the hemp or what other blind chemicals might be in your CBD candy.

For a product to be certified organic they are laboratory tested and can be regulated by the government.

Why gamble on the quality of your edibles when there are organic ones available? Treat yourself and be worry-free.

How do I take CBD Gummies?

Who doesn’t like to eat gummies? Grab one or two of the edibles from the package, open your mouth and pop them in. Easy? Yes.

Personally, I like to take two of them out of the container and stand them in front of each other and have them dance.

It is okay to have fun with them, not only will the CBD help even out your day but you are allowed to have fun while eating them.

Let’s help the body and the mind with this tasty treat. If you are new to vegan CBD Gummies it is best to test out the potency by only eating one or two at first to feel the effects.

They come in different strengths so you want to start slow and eat more as you understand how your body will react. Have no fear as there is no way to actually overdose on CBD.

Are vegan CBD Gummies completely safe?

While all CBD products are safe it is best to stick with suppliers that lab test for quality and authenticity.

World-renowned CBD expert, Nataly Komova claims that “Transparency is everything when it comes to finding a reputable CBD vendor and one of the surefire ways of a good one is that their products are tested by a third-party lab.”

For example, when you visit the most reliable CBD UK store online, the top menu will have a link to lab reports where they explain why they test every product, how they test each product and what exactly they are looking for.

At the bottom of their website, they have a logo showing they are a member of the CTA council as well as detailed information about their hemp farm.

This is exactly what Komova is referring to. You need to make sure that you get the exact product that you want to buy.

How long do vegan CBD Gummies affect a person’s system?

According to Dr Monika Wasserman, the answer will vary from person to person. There are many variables that can change the answer.

For instance, each person’s body has its own metabolism rate. This is based on your height, weight, and other health conditions. Additionally, CBD vegan Gummies for sale in the UK come in different sizes.

The level of CBD in the edible can vary based on each different product. The relaxation of your body and mind that could last six or seven hours in one person may only last three or four hours in another.

Therefore, it is always recommended that when you start to take CBD items, you start off slowly. Buy vegan-friendly CBD Gummies that have a lower potency and only take one to see how it affects you.

That way you will know that maybe you need to take two at a time, if not one every three hours. You will be able to judge what the best dosage will be.

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