8 artisan vegan cheese brands you’ll go nuts for

Author: Victoria Smith

Read Time:   |  14th February 2022

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Bored of supermarket vegan cheese and looking for something more luxurious? We've got you covered with our top 8 artisan vegan cheese brands!


This week we’re sharing our favourite artisan vegan cheese alternatives as people often cite cheese as the barrier that stops them from going from vegetarian or flexitarian to full-time vegan.

Despite their bad reputation, vegan cheeses have come a long way in recent years with many different varieties available to choose from.

Unlike supermarket cheeses which are often made from oil, artisan vegan cheeses are typically made by culturing ingredients such as nuts to give them a more authentic, punchy flavour.

If you’ve tried vegan cheese before and decided it’s not for you, you might find that artisan vegan cheeses give you that sharp, salty flavour you’re looking for.

Give it another try with our pick of the best artisan vegan cheeses you can buy in the UK.

1. Tyne Chease

Tyne Chease vegan cheeses

Founded back in 2014, Tyne Chease is the UK’s first artisan vegan cheese and is still making waves in the plant-based sector.

Inspired by traditional cheesemaking methods, Tyne Chease uses cashew nuts to create a creamy base with added probiotic cultures.

With a selection of firm and cream cheeses to choose from, there’s something for everyone – even the fussiest of vegan-sceptics!

Our top picks from Tyne Chease are the Sundried Tomato and Chive firm cheeses, and the Garlic Creamed cheese.

2. Mouse’s  Favourite

Mouse's Favourite cheese with crackers

Launched in 2016, London-based cheesemaker Mouse’s Favourite offers a range of vegan cheeses in familiar flavours and textures.

Like Tyne Chease, Mouse’s Favourite also uses cashew nuts as a base with the addition of salt and cultures.

Speaking about the process, founder Gabrielle Le Cocq explained: “My approach is to keep the process as pure as possible – leaving it to the various fermentation cultures and processes to create a subtle variety of flavours rather than by adding extra flavours in.”

Our top picks include the Camembert Style, True Blue and Smoky Creamy Cashew.

3. I Am Nut Ok

I Am Nut Ok artisan cheeses

I Am Nut Ok creates tasty vegan alternatives to classic cheese varieties such as cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, feta and ricotta.

Speaking about the brand, co-founders Angela and Nivi say: “We aim to create products that make people’s mouths water. Addictive like cheese, but even better. I AM NUT OK is more daring than dairy, using inventive visual and flavour combinations.

“It’s not meant to replace cheese, but to satisfy the tastebuds in a way any delicious food does.”

I Am Nut Ok also offers a monthly subscription where adventurous customers can receive a selection of new vegan cheeses to try.

Our top picks from I Am Nut Ok are the Paparica Smoked Cheddar, C’e Dairy? Cheddar, and Bluffalo Notzzarella.


4. Kinda Co.

Kinda Co. Vegan Cheese Board

Kinda Co. started in 2017 from a tiny flat in Angel. Now the brand is stocked in independent retailers nationwide, swapping the flat for a commercial kitchen in Somerset.

With fourteen varieties of vegan cheese, there are plenty of options to choose from for your perfect vegan cheeseboard.

Like other artisan cheese brands, Kinda Co. also uses cashews for the perfect creamy texture. To give their cheese a flavoursome kick, they also added ingredients such as umami miso paste and cheesy nutritional yeast.

Our top choices are the classic Farmhouse and Summer Truffle wedges, and the Faux Lox and Dill Creamy Spread.

5. Honestly Tasty

Honestly Tasty cheeses

Founded in a family kitchen in North London, Honestly Tasty is now available in a wide range of independent stockists and is changing the face of vegan cheese alternatives.

Unlike other artisan vegan cheese brands, Honestly Tasty uses a unique recipe featuring almonds, miso, shea butter and rice bran oil.

Moreover, the brand is passionate about giving back, so 2% of profits go directly to The Dean Farm Trust, a community-run animal sanctuary in Wales.

Our top picks are the Bree, Shamembert and Veganzola Blue.

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6. Nettle

Nettle's vegan blue cheese

London-based vegan cheese makers Nettle use organic raw cashews and macadamia nuts to make its luxury cheese alternatives. The result is vegan cheeses that are both nutritious and packed with beneficial bacteria without compromising on flavour.

Nettle currently only has two varieties to choose from which are all fermented using live cultures and marinated in a blend of extra virgin olive oil and cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

The Macadamia White is the bestseller, providing a sharp umami tang in a rich and creamy texture infused with black peppercorns, garlic, and thyme.

Also available is the Newington Blue, which uses real penicillium roqueforti to create a mild creamy blue profile. The cheese in then aged for a number of months to further enhance the flavour.

Give them both a go on your cheeseboard, and see which you prefer!

7. Palace Culture

Palace Culture vegan cheeses

Funky London-based vegan cheese brand Palace Culture creates a wide range of cheese alternatives for every occasion. Its innovation range includes both hard and soft varieties.

Speaking about the products, Palace Culture explained: “Using organic cashews and almonds, we soak our nuts in filtered water before fermenting them with live cultures.

“This gut-healthy base is then combined with sea salt and a mix of herbs and spices to create a flavour-packed product.”

While non-vegans often criticise the use of nuts instead of dairy due to their high water use and human rights issues, the nuts used at Palace Culture are obtained from Goa and Spain, using regenerative farming methods that ensure sustainability and contribute to social enterprises.

Our top choices are the Truffled Camembert, Almond Ricotta and Herbes de Provence.

8. Strictly Roots

Strictly Roots cheeses

Vegan cheese brand Strictly Roots is a newcomer to the vegan scene and is stocked at the UK’s first vegan cheesemonger, La Fauxmagerie.

Strictly Roots uses a variety of different nuts and coconut to create its cheeses, providing a range of flavours and textures.

Moreover, the brand is passionate about being eco-friendly, so its kitchens are run on Ecotrcitit renewable energy.

Stricly Roots’ products are also packaged in compostable kraft paper and vac pack film made from eucalyptus and cassava.

Our top picks include the Blue Mountain, Bluffala Burrata Style, and No Smoke Without Fire.

Did you enjoy learning about these artisan vegan cheese brands shaking up the plant-based industry?

Why not try your hand at making your own vegan cheese!

Featured image credit: Palace Culture

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