10 vegan biscuits that are perfect for tea dunking

Author: Victoria Smith

Read Time:   |  24th February 2020

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Enjoying a hot cup of tea with a biscuit is a quintessential British pastime, and vegans needn't miss out as there are plenty of accidentally vegan biscuits readily available on the UK high-street.

We Brits love a cup of tea. In fact, we drink 60 billion cups of the stuff every year*! And there’s nothing more satisfying than dunking a cheeky biscuit into a cuppa.

But if you’ve ever wondered which biscuits are vegan in the UK and where can you buy them, you’ll be pleased to hear there are plenty of readily-available options in supermarkets.

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best vegan biscuits you can find in UK supermarkets for a delicious 100% plant-based dunking experience.

1. Jammie Dodger

Jammie Dodgers - - best vegan biscuits in the UK

This British classic has flip-flopped its way from being vegan to non-vegan and back to vegan again over the past few years. Fingers crossed the new vegan recipe is here to stay!

Two golden shortcake biscuits are sandwiched together with a fruity jammy filling, revealed by a small cut-out heart on the top layer.

Aside from the Original Raspberry flavour, you can also find Magical Strawberry, Gooey Apple, and Cherry Burst flavours.

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, the brand recently unveiled two controversial varieties: Choccie Dodgers and Cola Bottle flavour.

There’s a Jammie Dodger for every tastebud!

2. Lotus Biscoff

Lotus Biscoff

Probably the holy grail of vegan products, Lotus Biscoff is one of our favourite things… ever!

The thin and crunchy caramelised biscuits are delicious on their own and dipped into a cup of tea, or hot chocolate, or coffee, or milkshake. The possibilities are endless!

As well as its classic cookies, the brand has also released a cream-filled version of its popular cinnamon cookies that is also suitable for vegans.

And if a Biscoff biscuit on the side of your morning beverage wasn’t enough, the brand also launched biscuit spreads in crunchy and smooth varieties so now you can have Biscoff toast, porridge or pancakes with your cuppa too.

3. Oreo

Oreo cookies

American Oreo cookies are a childhood favourite and are surprisingly suitable for vegans.

The two dark chocolate halves twist apart easily, revealing a creamy vanilla frosting that you won’t believe is vegan!

But be warned, they are extremely addictive, and before you know it the entire packet will be gone. Trust us, we’re speaking from personal experience!

What’s more, you can find lots of different flavours of Oreo including Birthday Party, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie, and even Golden Oreos – which taste like Custard Creams. We love them all!

4. Party Rings

Party Rings - - best vegan biscuits in the UK

Another nostalgic accidentally vegan biscuit is the humble Party Ring.

A favourite at children’s parties, these pretty pastel-coloured rings of sugary icing and crispy biscuit are the perfect weekday pick-me-up.

And they fare very well after being dunked into a cuppa which of course is the real test! What’s not to love?

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5. McVitie’s Gingernuts

McVitie's Gingernuts

These fiery spiced ginger biscuits are the ideal winter warmer and a classic elevenses treat for Brits.

With warming notes of ginger and lemon balanced out with sugar and molasses, the crunchy biscuits are hard to resist!

What’s more, they are allergen-friendly as they are free from soy, nuts, and milk, making them great for all the family. Get stuck in!

6. Bourbons

Bourbon biscuits

Britain’s favourite chocolatey biscuit is the humble Bourbon, and every supermarket has an own-brand version from as little as 22p (Aldi). Suprise – they’re all vegan!

Two chocolate finger biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate cream filling make the Bourbon the ultimate chocoholics dream.

The only Bourbons you need to avoid are two branded versions: Fox’s Bourbon Creams and Schar Gluten-Free Bourbon Biscuits as these contain milk!

But always make sure to check the packaging of whichever Bourbons you find to make sure they’re definitely milk-free before purchasing.

7. Crawford’s Pink Wafers

Crawford's Pink Wafers

Crawford’s aesthetically pleasing pink wafer biscuits are the perfect addition to any party platter or teatime treat.

With layers of crispy wafer and a creamy filling, the pretty-in-pink biscuits are oh so delicious!

While the branded Crawford’s ones are vegan, some pink wafer biscuits aren’t. The versions to avoid are Pink Panther Wafers and Caxton Pink & White Wafers.

Pink wafers definitely make us feel a bit fancy, so if you want to make your afternoon tea more boujie, these are the biscuits to delicately dunk into your best china teacups!

8. McVitie’s Hobnobs


The Hobnob is a firm favourite in many British households, providing a sweet and oaty biscuit that makes a great dunker.

McVitie’s Hobnobs are suitable for vegans, as are the majority of supermarket own-brand versions with oat-related names.

Just be warned, it’s very hard to stop nibbling these addictive vegan biscuits, so be prepared to demolish the entire pack with your mug of tea.

9. Maryland Vegan Cookies

Maryland Vegan Cookies - best vegan biscuits in the UK

Before we were vegan we used to love Maryland cookies, and now we don’t have to miss them anymore as the iconic cookie brand has launched a vegan variety.

Maryland Vegan Cookies taste just how we remember the original version but are completely animal-free.

The only noticeable difference is the green packaging as opposed to the signature red colour, indicating a greener product.

The cookies are great cinema snacks, as well as a delicious addition to your afternoon cuppa as the chocolate chips melt in the hot tea making a biscuity chocolatey treat.

10. Digestives

Digestive biscuits

The iconic British digestive biscuit is thankfully vegan. If you’re unfamiliar with them, the digestive is a deliciously wheaty biscuit that is arguably the best vessel for dunking in tea.

While some supermarket own-brand digestives have been vegan for a while, McVitie’s recently removed the milk powder from their original recipe to make them suitable for an animal-free diet.

However, when it comes to the chocolate varieties of digestives, only the Tesco Dark Chocolate ones are vegan. So it’s important to check the ingredients of any packet you pick up.

Happy dunking!

Did you enjoy this round-up of our top 10 vegan biscuits for tea dunking?

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*Source: BBC

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Victoria Smith

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