17 vegan candles with uniquely beautiful scents

Author: Rachel Smith

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Burn baby, burn! Discover some of the best soy-wax candles that look and smell incredible, and which are perfect for creating a cosy vegan home.


Candles are a consistent favourite all year, every year. They’re great as gifts and contribute massively to the atmosphere of the home and garden.

Trouble is, a lot of well-known brands use beeswax and stearic acid (a product of animal fat) in their candles.

However, as soy wax is now widely used in both affordable and luxury candles it is easy to find vegan candles in a range of scents.

Soy wax is the go-to option for conscious candlemakers because it is both natural and biodegradable.

Moreover, soy wax delivers a much cleaner wax than paraffin wax and is derived from plants.

So if you’ve been wondering if you can give a vegan a candle for Christmas you’ll be pleased to hear there are loads of cruelty-free, and equally delightful, options to use instead.

Here are a few of our favourite vegan candles we love to burn in the colder months.



We can’t get enough of OHROS’ range of hand-poured vegan soy candles! With a range of scintillating scents to choose from, OHROS has a vegan candle for every mood.

From warming autumnal scents like Pumpkin Spice and Figgy Pudding to fresh, clean scents like Fresh Laundry and Mother Nature, you’ll find an array of scents to awaken your senses.

OHROS vegan candles

£15, ohros.com


2. Run With Wolves

We can’t get enough of Run With Wolves’ hand-poured, sustainably sourced and plastic-free vegan candles.

Not only do they look gorgeous in our homes, but the scents transport you instantly to the forest. These grounding candles are made with essential oils to calm the mind and bring a little bit of nature inside.

Run With Wolves candles

£8-£28, runwithwolves.org

3. Octō

Every soy wax candle available from Octō is 100% handmade! Every candle available in their range is vegan-friendly and contains only natural ingredients.

Their candles come in amber glass jars and use scents like Pine Needle and Midnight Breeze, giving the home a warm, woody feel.


£21-£32, octoandco.com


4. Heaven Scent

These natural scented candles use a special vegetable blend that has been tried, tested and loved for over 25 years.

They offer over 75 different scents, with long burning times and different styles of containers to suit any home.

Heaven Scent soy candles

£4.95-£45, heavenscent.co.uk

5. Vegan Bunny

This brand won ‘Best Vegan Candle of the Year’ at the PETA Vegan Homeware Awards 2018.

With scents like Cuban Mojito, Rose Blossom and Lemongrass, sweet rose gold tubs and the cute bunny logo on the front, we can see why this vegan startup brand got so many votes! 

Vegan Bunny candles

£24.50-£45, veganbunny.co.uk

6. The Botanical Candle Co.

Founded in 2015, this soy wax candle company hand pours every candle into carefully selected and reusable containers.

These classic candles come in a range of elegant and timeless scents such as Cutting Garden, Lavendar & Petitgrain, and Green Fig. 

Making a wonderful addition to your shelves or side tables, the candles are available in stylish amber jars or quirky weck jars which you can reuse once you’ve enjoyed the candle.

New For Winter! Last Light Scented Candles in Amber Jars - The Botanical Candle Co. Last Light Scented Candles in Amber Jars - The Botanical Candle Co. Last Light Scented Candles in Amber Jars - The Botanical Candle Co. Last Light Scented Candles in Amber Jars - The Botanical Candle Co. Last Light Scented Candles in Amber Jars - The Botanical Candle Co. Last Light Scented Candles in Amber Jars - The Botanical Candle Co. Last Light Scented Candles in Amber Jars - The Botanical Candle Co. Last Light Scented Candles in Amber Jars

£10.95-£14.95, thebotanicalcandleco.co.uk

7. Aery

No matter what candles scents you like, you’ll find one you adore at Aery. Aery’s candles will restore balance and bring the mind and body with their uniquely beautifully fragrances.

The store boasts a huge range of intoxicating scents like Persian Thyme, Black Oak, and the calming Feng Sui candle.

Aery Living Fig Scented Candle

£26-£36, aeryliving.com

8. The Nomad Society

The Nomad Society is a popular brand that offers a selection of Soy Wax Scented Candles in scents like Smoke and Wood and Banana Pancakes.

The candles are hand-poured and based on nights by the sea and under the stars. 

The Nomad Society candles

£15-£35, nomadsociety.co

9. Seven Oaks Candle Company 

With cotton and paper-based wicks, these candles use locally sourced ingredients and even offer a recycling service for their container candles!

They offer a scented and an unscented range, with the former containing unique scents like Gingerbread, Orange Zest, and Apple Blossom.

Sevenoaks Candle Co

£4.50, sevenoakscandleco.co.uk

10. Paddywax

These ones are so aesthetically pleasing! The hand-poured, vegan soy candles come in various shapes, sizes and containers, meaning that there’s something for candle lovers and home decorators alike.

Look out for scents like Salted Grapefruit at Aflame Candles, Notino, and ASOS  in the UK.

Paddywax candles

11. Harper’s Candles

For those who enjoy candles with scents that make your mouth water, look no further than Harper’s Candles!

Harper’s have a huge range of deliciously scented candles with sweet aromas like Sugar & Cinnamon Doughnut, Salted Caramel and Bakewell Tart.

They also have fresh, floral scents and seasonal products. All of the candles come in beautifully illustrated tins drawn by the company’s founder Victoria.

Harper's Candles

£5-£8, harperscandles.com

12. Flaming Candles

Not only are Flamingo Candles gorgeously fragranced, but they are also works of art! Their soy candles come in a range of vibrant, funky designs like their strikingly colourful Marble collection.

Flaming Candles - vegan candles

£3.50-£14, flamingocandles.co.uk

13. Olivine and Ruby

A timeless ode to travel, Olivine and Ruby’s 100% natural soy wax candles whisk you away to different places around the world.

Handmade using sustainable vegan soy wax and cotton wicks, their signature scents come in two different sizes and make a perfectly luxurious gift.

You can also choose your own lid colour too; gold, silver or copper… a unique, personal touch.

Look out for bestsellers such as Florentine Gardens; a mix of fresh pear, freesia and earthy patchouli which is reminiscent of beautiful Tuscan gardens.

Olivine and Ruby soy candles

£32, olivineandruby.com

14. Paper Plane Vegan Candles

These gorgeous handmade, plastic-free candles are richly scented to conjure up memories of the sea, woodland walks or even a Swedish spa.

Paper Planes Highland Woodland Wander candle

£16.95, paperplanedesigns.co.uk

15. Ink & Ocean Botanicals

These aromatherapy candles are made with organic plant wax and beautifully scented with essential oils that will calm the mind and body.

Ink & Ocean Forest Path candle

£12.99, inkandoceanbotanicals.com

16. Yankee Candle

Yankee candles are all vegan (except for ones with beeswax tapers) because they are made from paraffin wax for a clean burn.

They are available at Yankee Candle official shops and in many well-known gift stores. Yankee prides itself on offering a candle for every situation, and all of them smell incredible!

Yankee Candle

£3.49-£24.99, yankeecandle.co.uk

17. Ecoya

This Australasian brand creates scents inspired by the city and the sea, with an aim to give customers beautiful sensory experiences.

With a burning time of up to 55 hours and sweet aromas like Sweet Pea and Jasmine, they’re a soy candle brand you’re sure to love. Find them online or at TK Maxx.

Ecoya vegan soy candles

£17-£39, ecoya.co.uk

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