Simply Vegan Podcast: What to eat for peri-menopause

Author: Holly Johnson

Read Time:   |  22nd March 2022

Holly and Molly are back for more Simply Vegan Podcast fun as they discuss what to eat for peri-menopause and how to talk to non-vegan friends

Today we’re reviewing lunchbox cookies from Snackzilla, an exciting cauliflower hybrid from CauliShoots, and brand new dishes (including a vegan calzone!) from White Rabbit.

We also have Doctor Laura Freeman from Plant-Based Health Professionals answering questions on peri-menopause and diet, and Holly and Molly discuss how to chat with non-vegan friends. Should we try to convert them? If so, how? Send your own questions to us at [email protected].

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Written by

Holly Johnson

Holly is editor of Vegan Food & Living magazine and host of the Simply Vegan podcast. Her career highlight was discussing how to turn her mum vegan with Alicia Silverstone.

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