Simply Vegan Podcast: Dispelling myths about veganism

Author: Holly Johnson

Read Time:   |  13th January 2022

There are many myths surrounding veganism that people often believe to be true. On this week's episode of the Simply Vegan Podcast, cancer doctors Zahra and Shireen set us straight with the science behind the myths.

Don’t we need dairy for calcium? Isn’t animal protein better than plant protein? And what about B12? Cancer doctors Zahra and Shireen set us straight with the science behind the myths.

They talk about research funded by animal agriculture, including studies that show eggs are good for us, how we can get short- and long-chain fatty acids from other foods than fish, and how vegans have the lowest rates of heart disease.

They also explain how they’re both working to educate health professionals on the benefits of plant-based diets, what to do if your doctor tells you you need to eat meat, and how the NHS could save £30 billion if we all went vegan.

Their new book, Eating Plant Based – Scientific Answers to Your Nutrition Questions, is out now.

Where can I listen to the Simply Vegan Podcast?

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Written by

Holly Johnson

Holly is editor of Vegan Food & Living magazine and host of the Simply Vegan podcast. Her career highlight was discussing how to turn her mum vegan with Alicia Silverstone.

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