You can now buy 100% recyclable cardboard tents for festivals

Read Time:   |  27th June 2019

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A staggering 250,000 plastic tents are left behind at UK festival sites in the UK alone, and one company is keen to tackle this issue with the launch of 100% recyclable cardboard tents. 

cardboard tents for festivals

Each year, according to the Association of Independent Festivals, a staggering 250,000 plastic tents are left behind at UK festival sites in the UK alone. With the average tent being composed of plastic materials to the equivalent of 8,750 straws or 250 pint cups, this is an eye-watering amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill each year.

KarTent is the brainchild of two Dutch entrepreneurs who were perturbed by the incredible amount of waste thanks to people abandoning their tents and wanted to create an eco-friendly solution to the problem.

The makers hope the tents will be a “solution to the ever-growing waste problem is an eco-friendly cardboard tent, set to change the way we camp at festivals around the world.”

Water resistant 

The 100% recyclable tent is made entirely from thick untreated cardboard and surprisingly can withstand rain and moisture for several days, which is perfect for UK festivals where sunny weather is never guaranteed! In fact, the makers put it to the test by putting it through a car wash and found it stayed completely dry inside.

The tents can comfortably sleep two people with plenty of room for storage, and they also stay completely dark inside as well as being cooler in the morning than a traditional tent giving campers a better nights sleep to enjoy the delights of the festival.

cardboard tents for festivals

Eco camping solution

Kirsty Peters discovered KarTent on Facebook and decided to bring the product to the UK as a distributor after being impressed by its eco-credentials.

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Peters explained: “We will be partnering with UK festivals and pre-pitching all tents before campers arrive.  Festival-goers don’t need to carry the extra weight with them which will encourage the use of public transport.  After each festival, the tents will be sent for recycling or upcycling into other festival products such as KarBins – festival cardboard bins.

KarTent are currently selling more than 20,000 tents a year, we are really excited to start offering this eco camping solution here in the UK.  There are many other exciting possibilities in other market segments such as corporate or sporting events and even weddings”

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