‘Ethical plumes’: French designer creates ‘world’s first’ vegan ostrich feathers

Author: Liam Gilliver

Read Time:   |  4th April 2023

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Vegan ostrich feathers have now become a reality, after fashion brand Blue District worked for years to perfect the cruelty-free material


Sustainable fashion brand Blue District has created what it describes as the world’s first vegan ostrich feathers.

Founded by French designer Cici Voise, the cruelty-free feathers took two years to create and have been trademarked under the name Ethical Plumes.

The brand debuted the vegan ostrich feathers on a black vegan silk dress made from bamboo fibre. It says this is the first piece of a whole collection featuring Ethical Plumes.

Vegan ostrich feathers 

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Voise explained: “Every year, two million Ostriches are killed for fashion. 

“By utilising a specific sewing method paired with very fine threading, and eco-friendly dyes, ethical plumes™ can mimic the look and feel of traditional ostrich feathers without causing harm to any animals.”

Blue District added that its ‘trailblazing launch’ will ‘transform the fashion landscape’ and better animal welfare. 


Innovative fashion

Last month, fashion designer Stella McCartney also revolutionised the fashion world as she debuted a garment made from plant-based biodegradable sequins.

The celeb partnered with eco start-up Radiant Matter to create a sleeveless jumpsuit using Biosequin.

The biodegradable and non-toxic material is innovated from plant-based cellulose. It uses no metals, minerals, synthetic pigments or colourants.

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Featured image credit: Blue District Official

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