Humane Society estimates saving 300 baths of water per year by choosing non-dairy milks

Read Time:   |  22nd August 2019

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This World Plant Milk Day, the Humane Society are pointing to statistics which show that switching to plant-based milks could save enough water for over 300 baths. 

World Plant Milk Day Humane League encourages switch

World Plant Milk Day provides the opportunity for many non-vegans to consider making a switch to a non-dairy milk alternative. This celebration of plant-based alternatives is a collaboration between humane awareness charities and organisations including ProVeg International, teaming up to help promote the global goal of encouraging consumer attitude change towards dairy.

This year, Humane Society International is determined to demonstrate how water-consuming traditional dairy milk production is. They are pointing to research, showing that, by making a switch to plant-based milk alternatives for one year, you’ll potentially save enough water to fill 328 baths of water each year. For example, an average Brit who drinks 82L of dairy milk a year would save 328 baths of water by switching to a soya milk alternative!

World Plant Milk Day Humane Society

When it comes to plant-based milk alternatives, soya and oat are clearly the reigning champions of low-water consumption growing and processing. Almond and rice milks are a little higher, but they are still no where near the colossal numbers attained by dairy-based milks.

Water is a precious resource as it is. Most recent studies show that around one quarter of the world’s population is affected by severe water stress, something which will become worse over time due to the rising global temperatures. What’s more, 700 million people are set to be displaced due to intense water scarcity by 2030, according to the predictions made by the United Nations.

The choice to do more lies with consumers. By encouraging a greater consumption of water-saving milk-alternatives, there will be a whole lot more water to go around.  Claire Bass, Director of Humane Society International UK, said “With the plethora of plant-based milks out there, it has never been easier to ditch dairy.” She adds: “Plant-milks produce far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cow’s milk, so switching to plant-based products helps combat climate change, and saves cows from suffering too. Dairy-alternatives can be found in all reputable supermarkets so we urge conscious consumers to consider making the switch this World Plant Milk Day.”

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Image Two Credit: Humane Society International

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