Wicked Kitchen launches its first vegan Easter range at Tesco

Author: Molly Pickering

Read Time:   |  17th March 2022

Tesco has ramped up its vegan Easter range with exclusive new products from Wicked Kitchen and Tesco Free From

With Easter just around the corner, Wicked Kitchen has unveiled its first-ever vegan Easter range.

Available exclusively at Tesco, the new range features four flavoursome treats including dairy-free chocolate eggs and vegan cupcakes.

In addition to the Wicked range, Tesco has expanded its Free From a range.

The Easter inspired products include a Strawberry Crunch Egg, Cluckie the Choc Chick, and Free From Gingerbread Easter kit.

Artwork created by Vegan Food & Living

Artwork created by Vegan Food & Living

Wicked Kitchen vegan Easter range

Wicked Kitchen‘s innovative vegan range continues to rapidly expand with the growth of the plant-based movement.

This year its first Easter range is set to be a huge success and allow those with dietary needs to enjoy the holiday.

The brand has launched 2 exciting choc egg flavours to Tesco, Fruity Chocolate and Poppin Candy Orange (£5.00 each).

Wicked’s Fruit egg has a blackcurrant flavour and is studded with crispy cereal chunks and freeze-dried raspberry pieces inside the shell.

While the Poppin Candy chocolate egg is bursting with tangy orange flavour and exciting popping candy.

Next up is Benny the Bunny (£5.00), this loveable character is made from hollow, smooth plant-based milk chocolate and is too cute to eat!

In addition, Benny the Bunny has his own cupcake range. The Bunny Bum cupcakes (£3 for 4) feature a chocolate sponge that is filled with a gooey caramel centre, topped off with green, vanilla flavour frosting, a sugar Bunny Bum plaque and chocolate crumbs.

Tesco Free From

As well as the Wicked Kitchen range, Tesco has taken its Free From Easter products to the next level.

New to shelves is a Strawberry Crunch Choc Egg (£4.00), this vegan white chocolate and strawberry-flavour egg is dotted with freeze-dried strawberry powder and biscuit-flavour puffed rice balls. It’s also gluten-free!

Next up is the Honeycomb Crunch Choc Egg (£4.00).

Embracing the flavours of sweet and salty, this Free From milk chocolate egg has pieces of honeycomb and flecks of sea salt embedded in the shell. Delicious!

Moreover, shoppers can also choose from the new mini Cluckie Chicks Adventure Hunt, perfect for Easter egg hunting, Easter Egg gingerbread, and a Chocolate Caramel Egg with Buttons.

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Feature artwork created by Vegan Food & Living, images supplied by Tesco.

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