Wicked Kitchen expands Tesco range with new ‘Pot Noodle’ style ready meal pots

Read Time:   |  23rd September 2019

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Wicked Kitchen has added a new line of ‘Pot Noodle’ style meals to its Tesco range and has shared some exclusive news regarding the price of the range…

wicked kitchen pot noodle

Not content with launching a range of high-protein meat alternatives to its range in Tesco today, Wicked Kitchen has also released a brand new selection of ‘Pot Noodle’ style ready meals, priced at £1.75.

The new line includes a selection of tempting flavours inspired by recipes from the Wicked Healthy Cookbook such as Spicy Smoky Dreamy Mac, Sweet Potato and Beanz Chilli Mac, Wicked Purple Rice.

There’s also Spicy Coconut & Rice Noodle and Coconut Crack’d Corn, a personal favourite of Tesco’s Director of Plant Based Innovation and executive chef behind the brand, Derek Sarno’s, which features a blend of sweet corn mixed with garlic, ginger, coconut and herbs.

Like a pot noodle, you simply add boiling water to the pot to create a simple yet tasty meal making them perfect for those looking for a quick bite to eat.

Not only that, but they are also great for supplementing with additional veggies to build a meal. According to Sarno: “They are all amazing if you ask me and are great for helping build meals as well.  I’ll be sharing how to incorporate them into recipes on our IG and Website frequently.”

wicked kitchen pot noodle

Speaking to Vegan Food & Living about the new range, Derek said:

“As a vegan and person that wants to make better choices there are needs across stores in every category for plant based options when shopping.  Snack/meal pots are just one – so we present the Wicked Meal Pots, it’s a dried product, you simply need to add boiling water and in minutes you have a super tasty ‘on the go’ snack or a meal.

“There are 5 in the range to choose from. Great to store in the cupboard, camping, work lunches and whatever else you may find a need to carry quick solutions when on the go – 100% Plant Based and Wicked!”

Price drop 

Fans of the plant-based range will be pleased to hear that prices for the range will be adjusted in the near future making them more accessible than ever before.

In an exclusive statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Sarno teased: “A little secret and something to look forward to is that all Wicked pricings are being adjusted in the coming weeks to make them more accessible than ever!”

Plant-based puddings

Whilst Wicked Kitchen focuses predominantly on savouring dishes and ingredients, a new dessert that’s perfect for chilly autumn days will be joining the range in October in the form of a wickedly delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding.

wicked kitchen pot noodle

When asked when customers could expect to see them hitting supermarket shelves, Sarno confirmed:

“The Sticky Toffee Pudding and the bulk of the launch will happen in a couple weeks. This gives time for the Plant based Meat Mods to be set up and stores to get adjusted with the new Plant Based launches coming. See this site for a good example. This is how it works. It’s gonna be amazing with dedicated Plant Based Mods to help customers find these best options much easier.”

Customers will be able to purchase the new dessert in Tesco’s brand new dedicated plant-based zones which are being rolled out to stores over the coming weeks.

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