Veganuary urges coffee chains to provide free plant milks to protect the planet

Read Time:   |  22nd August 2019

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Tired of that additional 20p for oat milk in your coffee? Veganuary urges coffee chains to ditch their plant milk surcharge this World Plant Milk Day, in order to save the planet. 

Veganuary Urges Coffee chains to ditch plant milk surcharge

Today is World Plant Milk day! An annual collaboration between global awareness organisations, including Veganuary and ProVeg International, which aims to celebrate and promote the abundance of fantastic plant-based dairy alternatives. This year, to celebrate World Plant Milk Day, global organisation Veganuary have taken a step forward in their race to help an increasing number of people try veganism by urging high-street coffee chains to scrap their 20-50p surcharge for plant-based milk alternatives.

Most high-street coffee chains will currently charge plant-based milk-drinkers an additional cost for their conscious and environmentally-sound choice, be it for soya, coconut or oat milk. From Starbucks to the extremely vegan-friendly Pret A Manger, most coffee houses are guilty of slapping on an additional charge at the tills for specific plant-based milks, despite these alternatives being far superior than dairy when it comes to the health of the environment.


An exception to this rule is AMT Coffee, a chain which already offers customers free plant-based milk alternatives in their drinks. In line with World Plant Milk Day, AMT is offering 25% off all coffees ordered with plant-milks, as well as a free e-voucher for a plant-based drink, helping encourage customers to give alternatives a try.

Toni Vernelli, Head of Communications at Veganuary, comments: “Charging extra for plant milk is effectively a tax on climate-conscious customers. Animal farming is responsible for more than half of all food-related greenhouses gases and cows are the prime cause, with each one burping out 600 litres of methane a day. The true cost of cow’s milk is climate catastrophe.”

She adds: “This World Plant Milk Day we’re calling on all coffee chains to follow AMT’s lead and help halt the devastating impact animal farming has on our planet by providing free planet-friendly plant milk for all customers – before we all pay the price.”

Demand for cow’s milk is falling, as consumers begin to make the connection between the environmental costs, animal exploitation and negative effects upon their health, with consumption of the dairy-based white stuff. Almost a quarter of Brits are now choosing milk-alternatives over dairy products, with trends set to continue, owing to the ethical and earth-conscious consumer buying patterns. Plant-based milks also offer a nutritious alternative to cow’s milk, meaning consumers won’t be missing out on any essential vitamins, minerals or fats. Let’s hope our days of forking out for the sake of the planet will soon be over!

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