Veganuary 2019: Half of the 250,000 people who took part are staying vegan

Read Time:   |  10th April 2019

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Vegan charity Veganuary has just released the results of this year’s campaign, but what do the figures tell us about who went vegan, why and for how long?

veganuary 2019 results

This January saw veganism hit the news like never before! From the hugely successful launch of Marks & Spencer’s range of vegan food products and shoes to the now infamous launch of Gregg’s long-awaited vegan sausage roll, it’s fair to say that veganism was the hot topic in the New Year.

Not only were new vegan products being launched left right and centre this January, but over a quarter of a million signed up to take part in Veganuary to try going vegan for 30 days.

The vegan charity has just released the results of this year’s campaign, but what do the figures tell us about who went vegan, why and for how long?

The Demographics

A record-breaking 250,310 people from 190 countries registered for the month-long vegan pledge. As in previous years, the majority of participants were women (87%), most were meat-eaters (44%) and were in the 25-34 age range (21%).

For the first time ever, health became the major driver for people taking part (46%), with animals (34%) and then the environment (12%) cited as reasons for people wanting to eschew animal products for the month.

veganuary 2019 results

The Experience

60% of participants surveyed* told the charity the Veganuary challenge was easier than they had anticipated, and 51% felt their decision to stay vegan was influenced by the discovery of great-tasting food.

There’s good news for all those who registered hoping for a health boost – 63% of participants reported an improvement to their overall health.

Whatever their age, sex and reason for taking part, Veganuary must be doing something right: a whopping 98% said they would recommend Veganuary to others!

veganuary 2019 results

The Future

Veganuary is delighted that 77% of people surveyed who said they wouldn’t stay vegan, said they were ‘very likely’ or ‘extremely likely’ to try veganism again in the future. And right now, 47% say they are committed to remaining vegan!

Commenting on the success of this year’s campaign, co-founder of Veganuary, Matthew Glover, said: “What a year it’s been! More people than ever pledged to try only plant-based foods and we are grateful to every single person who took part and made such a positive change. Veganuary can be seen as a fun, new year challenge – and we really hope it is a fun experience for all! – but we never forget there are serious issues at stake. Climate change threatens irreversible harm, forests are being decimated, and oceans polluted, while animals suffer unseen in factory farms and wild animals are driven to extinction. Behind this destruction and suffering is animal agriculture.

“The good news is that we each have the power to protect our planet and its inhabitants with every plant-based meal we eat. That is why we are so proud of the Class of 2019, and why we, as a charity, will work harder than ever to grow the number of participants for Veganuary 2020, whilst maintaining a good ratio of people choosing to stay vegan.”

The Veganuary survey was sent to 69% of Veganuary participants and had an 11% response rate.

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