Vegan food is the UK’s fastest growing takeaway sector

Read Time:   |  28th August 2019

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Vegan meals are the UK’s fastest growing sector of the takeaway market, with a 388% growth in vegan takeaway orders between 2016 and 2018, according to latest figures. 

Vegan Takeaways largest sector of growth

Vegan meal orders from takeaways are on the rise in the UK, increasing over the past two years by an absolutely astonishing rate of growth. Thanks to veganism becoming increasingly mainstream, we’ve seen an influx of vegan options being introduced onto menus of takeaway eateries across the nation.

The future is vegan (takeaway)

According to The Guardian, vegan takeaway orders have increased fivefold over the period between 2016 to 2018. An increase in the number of vegans in the UK, alongside an influx of flexible-eaters choosing to reduce their meat and dairy consumption, are thought to be responsible for the changing pattern of plant-based consumer ordering over the past two years. The British Takeaway Campaign reports that orders of vegan takeaways have grown by 388%, whilst vegetarian orders increased by 137% during the same period.

In the same report, The Guardian states how the popular online and mobile-based delivery service, Deliveroo, reported a quadrupling of vegan orders over the past two years. What’s more, the number of vegan restaurants using the app has increased by 168%, making vegan eateries one of the most rapidly expanding areas for growth the service has seen.

Taking to The Guardian, chairman of the British Takeaway Campaign, Ibrahim Dogus, stated: “As people look for healthier and more diverse eating options, they aren’t turning away from takeaways, they are turning towards them,”

Better options for all

Vegan Wagamama Takewaya

The news comes in light of the most recent announcements from popular takeaway chains Greggs and KFC, both of whom are making promising moves towards offering an expanding range of vegan items to the growing plant-based audience.

This year, we’ve also been inundated by news of vegan options across popular restaurant chains expand, helping make takeaway ordering easier than ever for the vegan audience. Such restaurants and eateries making dedicated decisions to introduce a plant-based offering include Wagamama who introduced a new vegan menu with a collaborative dish from vegan chef Gaz Oakley, Pizza Hut’s expansion of their current vegan offerings to include a flatbread and sales-shattering vegan jackfruit pizza, and Subway’s popular vegan sub with garlic aoli.

Deliveroo may also soon see an influx of orders from environmentally concerned vegans, as they recently announced a decision to make emission-free scooters available for their drivers to rent in London, in hopes of moving towards becoming a more sustainable company.

With so many brilliant options available, it’s no surprise that vegans are becoming increasingly confident when ordering takeaways. Gone are the days when we are fearful of a stray chicken piece finding it’s way into our katsu curry. Most restaurants now offer a dedicated vegan section when ordering takeaways, making it simpler than ever to find your favourite Friday night dish!

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