Vegan smoked salmon made from peas launches in the UK

Author: Molly Pickering

Read Time:   |  6th May 2022

Austrian brand Revo has launched its vegan smoked salmon in the UK and gets the seal of approval from seafood lovers

A new plant-based smoked salmon brand has been launched in the UK.

Austrian brand Revo has debuted its popular fish alternative to Britain following huge success across Europe.

Said to be “better than [conventional] salmon”, Revo claims its fish-free product is approved by seafood lovers and plant-based eaters alike.

Furthermore, Revo vegan smoked salmon is made from pea protein, algae extract and plant oil.

It is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids and is free from microplastics, mercury, and other additives that are often present in conventional fish.

Additionally, Revo Salmon is sustainably made in Austria and emits 86% less CO2 than real salmon.

In a statement, Revo Foods’ CEO, Robin Simsa, said: “The UK is literally an island surrounded by the sea, yet the hottest new seafood product comes from… Austria.

“Quite ironic, if not sarcastic, which I’m sure British people love.”

Revo Salmon is now available in the UK via GreenBay.

Vegan salmon and other UK fish alternatives

In recent years, the launch of plant-based fish has seen significant growth in the UK.

Last year Sainsbury’s debuted the first supermarket vegan salmon fillet made from jackfruit and oyster mushrooms.

In addition, Derek Sarno’s Good Catch launched its fish-free range to Tesco, including ‘crab’ cakes and vegan tuna.

Other supermarkets such as Co-op, Aldi and M&S have also debuted delicious plant-based fish alternatives.

Whether Seaspricay or other vegan documentaries left you wanting to ditch the fish or you’re just simply ready to make the change to plant-based, there has never been an easier time to do so.

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