Vegan seitan bacon rolls stuffed with vegan cheese are coming to London!

Read Time:   |  16th August 2017

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Vegan friend-chicken wizards Temple of Seitan are debuting a seitan-based bacon, shaped into a cone, stuffed with fried setian “chicken”, and topped with vegan cheese sauce. What a time to be alive! 

Vegan seitan bacon roll stuffed with vegan cheese are coming to London!

London-based Temple of Seitan—the world’s first vegan fried chicken shop—will debut its newest creation, the Bae-Cone, at Hackney Downs Vegan Market this Saturday, hosted Sean O’Callaghan behind the popular blog Fat Gay Vegan.

The handheld creation consists of pieces of seitan-based bacon rolled into a cone and stuffed with vegan popcorn seitan-based “chicken”, French fries, and other toppings, then smothered in lashings of melty vegan cheese sauce.

Vegan seitan bacon roll stuffed with vegan cheese are coming to London!

Speaking to the MetroTemple of Seitan co-founder Pat O’ Shea said: “We’ve wanted to do a loaded fries dish for a while but didn’t want it to just be same old, same old. It’s heavily inspired by the excess of American thatched bacon dishes. However, we know that there’s no reason vegan food can’t be just as dirty and over the top. It’s a pig-free pig out!”

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