Vegan recipe blog Minimalist Baker announces it will soon share non-vegan recipes

Read Time:   |  3rd April 2019

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Popular plant-based recipe blog Minimalist Baker will soon be adding animal protein to recipes.

minimalist baker sharing non-vegan recipes

Many people following a vegan lifestyle or eating a plant-based diet will be familiar with popular recipe blog Minimalist Baker thanks to its plethora of delicious vegan recipes that focus on using minimal ingredients where possible and quick and simple meals that anyone can make in under 30 minutes.

Whilst the blogger behind the brand, Dana Shultz, has made no secret of the fact she does not follow a completely vegan diet herself, saying that her own “food philosophy has evolved greatly over the last several years” and she now “enjoys a diverse diet free from labels”, fans were shocked to learn this week that the hub for vegan recipes will soon begin sharing recipes containing animal products.

Shultz recently took to Instagram Stories to answer questions from her followers where she confirmed to one that she had recently started to incorporate animal products back into her diet in a bid to alleviate digestive issues and hair loss she suffers with as she is unable to tolerate eating the volume of plant-based protein, such as tofu and chickpeas, she requires.

Shultz said in order to get her health back on track that she started adding “organic, pasture raised eggs, wild caught salmon, and organic pasture raised chicken” back into her own diet, and will soon be sharing non-vegan recipes on her blog.

minimalist baker sharing non-vegan recipes

The blogger said that the Minimalist Baker blog will remain “plant-forward” with all recipes remaining both dairy and gluten-free, but some will now contain animal protein from mid-May. A filter will be added to the website to make it easy for vegan fans to find recipes that suit them, but all non-vegan recipes will also contain helpful substitutions to make swapping out the animal products simple for those who wish to do so.

Addressing the inevitable backlash, Shultz said: “Perhaps I’ll face more negative feedback when I post nonvegan recipes (in May). If our recipes are no longer a good fit for you, I totally understand.”

“I sincerely thank you for your support up to this point. And I trust that we’re all honouring our own bodies and truths and will find the communities we need to best support us,” she finished.

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