Top 10 biggest vegan news stories from 2020

Read Time:   |  14th December 2020

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From vegan Jammie Dodgers to David Attenborough, here are the top vegan news stories from 2020 that got everyone talking this year


What a year 2020 has been, a year like none of us have ever experienced before!

Amid the pandemic, consumers have become increasingly aware of the impact their dietary choices has on both the environment and their health. This has lead to a huge increase in people searching for vegan food near them, as much of the world spent the year in their homes.

Despite the strangeness, vegan companies and brands have risen to the challenges of 2020 finding new ways to spread the vegan message, as well as launching some tasty new foods.

These are the top vegan product launches for 2020 that got the nation excited as well as the top vegan news stories everyone was reading.

1. Oatly denied trademark for ‘It’s like milk but made for humans’ slogan as ‘Consumers know cow’s milk is for calves’

The top vegan news story for 2020 that had many people scratching their heads over the ruling was the news that Oatly had been denied a trademark for its slogan.

The popular oat milk company is well-known for its sassy ‘It’s like milk but made for humans’ logline, but were denied the trademark on the grounds that consumers know that cows milk is for calves, not humans.

Oatly questioned the ruling, saying: “Does the ‘average consumer’ (whoever that is) really believe that milk is not good for their body and is meant for baby cows?”

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2. Asda to become first UK supermarket to launch ambient vegan aisle

Shopping for vegan products at major supermarkets can be a time-consuming activity!

To make it quicker and easier for customers to find their favourite vegan products in one place, Asda debuted the first of its dedicated vegan aisles in September.

359 Asda stores in the UK are now home to the new vegan aisle.

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3. Vegan creme eggs are launching in Holland & Barrett stores nationwide

Vegans in the UK rejoiced upon hearing the news that high-street health food store Holland & Barrett would be selling vegan cream eggs at Easter.

Made by chocolate brand Mummy Meagz, the vegan creme eggs flew off the shelves with one purchased every 30 seconds.

The ‘Chuckie Egg’ proved so popular that the vegan chocolate brand launched a special green Halloween version in the autumn.

4. Linda McCartney’s launches new vegan products including a vegan ‘chicken’ bucket

Linda McCartney’s has been at the forefront of meat-free innovation for nearly 20 years, and this year the brand launched one of its most exciting products to date – a bucket of vegan fried ‘chicken’.

Giving KFC a run for their money, vegans were overjoyed to hear they could enjoy a bucket of fried chicken, minus the cruelty!

5. KFC is bringing its vegan burger back to the UK next week

At the start of the year, KFC announced that its vegan chicken burger was staying for good in the UK. The plant-based burger sold an impressive 1 million in the month following its launch and was a hit with customers.

Despite its popularity, KFC removed the burger when it reopened with a reduced menu after lockdown. Fans of the burger were happy to welcome it back in August when KFC announced its return to the menu.

6. Vegan Maltesers, M&Ms and chocolate buttons launch in 790 Holland & Barrett stores

The vegan creme egg wasn’t the only nostalgic sweet that launched at Holland & Barrett this year.

Chocolate lovers dreams came true when the store unveiled vegan Maltesers, M&M’s and chocolate buttons from British chocolatier Doisy & Dam. Not only are the chocolates completely vegan, but they’re also 30% lower in sugar than their non-vegan counterparts.


7. It’s official – Jammie Dodgers are now vegan following recipe change!

Once an accidentally vegan favourite, fans were vocal in their disappointment that dairy had been added to this previously plant-based treat.

So it’s no surprise that the news that they were vegan once again was met with joy from vegan biscuit fans in July!

The biscuits hit the headlines once again in November when they became a source of controversy on I’m a Celebrity. Beverley Callard was accused of lying about being vegan after tucking into one, sparking a huge debate. Viewers were later surprised to learn they are vegan.

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8. Domino’s is launching two new vegan pizzas in the UK and ROI today

Takeaway pizza fans have been begging Domino’s to offer vegan options for years. Finally, in June, the takeaway giant announced it would be trialling two new vegan-friendly recipes in 39 UK stores.

Following the successful trial, Domino’s rolled out the vegan pizzas nationwide along with a vegan garlic dip. Pleased to finally have vegan pizzas on the menu, hungry vegans have bought so many that Domino’s has seen sales surge by almost 19%!

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9. A vegan milk factory will soon deliver its zero-waste plant milks across the UK in an electric van

A throwback to days gone by, readers loved the whimsical story of vegan milkmen ReRooted Organic.

Keen to bring back this handy service to the modern age, the Devon-based company began offering a fully-vegan milk delivery service. The team now produces and delivers freshly made dairy-free milk straight to their customer’s doors in their electric van around Devon.

10. Is David Attenborough vegan? New film urges public to go plant-based

Beloved filmmaker and natural historian David Attenborough released his new documentary, A Life On Our Planet, this year.

Laying bare the state of the planet in the film, the documentary explored the decline of the planet’s environment and biodiversity due to human activity.

In the film, Sir David encouraged viewers to adopt a plant-based diet to protect the future of the planet. He said: “The planet can’t support billions of meat-eaters. If we all ate only plants, we’d need only half the land we use at the moment.”

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