Vegan Friendly UK launches hard-hitting London underground campaign

Author: Maria Chiorando

Read Time:   |  19th January 2023

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Vegan Friendly UK said the ad doesn’t hold back, and it has been designed to hit hard and to show 'the scale of suffering and death that we, humans, cause to animals each day'


A major new vegan poster campaign in London is calling on consumers to ‘make the connection’ when it comes to the animals they eat.

The initiative, by global non-profit Vegan Friendly UK, is described as ‘hard hitting’ by the organisation.

It features a poster in one of the highest footfall areas in London – Oxford Circus underground station. The poster will be on display from 17th – 31st January 2023, to cover the second half of the Veganuary period.

The poster, which takes people an average of eight seconds to read, features a sobering number – 322,860.

That number represents the number of animals killed for human consumption across the world in the amount of time it takes to read the poster.

This equals some 40,000 animals slaughtered every second, a stat that the organisation chose to ‘to help the public realise the consequences of choosing and buying animal products’.

Vegan Friendly UK

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Campaign & Event Manager at Vegan Friendly, Hailee Harris, said: “This ad doesn’t hold back; it has been designed to hit hard and bring the harsh reality of the numbers to consumers. We need the public to realise the scale of suffering and death that we, humans, cause to animals each day through our food choices.

“The number of animals we kill, globally, every eight seconds represents not just a number, but actual sentient living beings.

“This campaign has been put together to help consumers ‘make the connection’ between their decisions and the animals that have to suffer as a result. We believe if people hear this truth, they will be reluctant to support the exploitation of animals.

“Nowadays, it has never been easier to make vegan lifestyle choices with the endless amount of options available. Vegan options are more ethical, kind, healthy and sustainable, for us and the planet.

“This is the first of many ground-breaking campaigns by Vegan Friendly UK to encourage consumers to make more ethical choices, and we believe this campaign will bring us closer to achieving that goal.”

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