Vegan company offers £50k salary to travel the world tasting vegan food

Read Time:   |  29th March 2019

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A vegan food subscription service is recruiting for ‘Director of taste’ to travel the world and discover ‘new’ and ‘unique’ ingredients, and the successful candidate will be paid a £50,000 salary.

vegan job travelling world for £50k

As vegans, we make changes to every aspect of our lives on our quest to live as ethically as practically possible, but one area that we are more limited in is what jobs we can apply to. If you’ve been looking for the perfect vegan job then we think we may have just found it!

A UK plant-based food subscription service, Vibrant Vegan Co. is looking for a ‘Director of taste’ to travel the world and discover ‘new’ and ‘unique’ ingredients.

Offering a salary of £50,000 plus expenses, the job will involve travelling to continents such as Asia, South America and Eastern Europe for up to four months at a time, trying the local cuisine and providing feedback to the company.

The successful candidate will not only discover and try new foods to provide feedback to the company they will also be expected to help set up overseas partnerships to source any new ingredients they find that Vibrant Vegan Co. can use in their products.

Vibrant Vegan Co. say that the candidate must be suitably qualified with at least three years’ experience in the food business or as Chef. Despite the company being vegan focused, the candidate will not be required to be vegan, however they must focus on solely plant-based ingredients when working.

vegan job travelling world for £50k

Vibrant Vegan Co. is a social enterprise founded by Iain Burke-Hamilton, the founder of The Soulful Food Company. The new plant-based food subscription service works closely with children’s charity War Child to tackle child hunger in war zones across the world and targets its range of 18 sustainable plant-based meals at socially-conscious consumers looking for convenient vegan food.

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Iain Burke-Hamilton, founder of Vibrant Vegan Co. said: “We are always on the hunt for new talent, because I’m a firm believer that it’s the people that make a successful company. However, I don’t think we’ve ever recruited for a job this exciting before. This is a very unique and rewarding job but despite its extensive perks we acknowledge it’s also very demanding.

“There are hundreds of ingredients and recipes across the world that haven’t been presented to the UK consumer, so we hope our new recruit will be able to inspire some new and tasty recipes for our vegan ready meal offering. I believe innovation is at the heart food, so I want someone with an innovative and creative mind to help us build on our current recipes.”

Full details of the role and how to apply can be found here:

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