Vegan cannabis-milk lands in the UK

Read Time:   |  31st October 2016

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London-based vegan café and raw food company Rawligion recently launched a cannabis-based milk beverage Relax that can be used for a variety of different health issues from anxiety to pain relief and sleep disorders.

Vegan cannabis-milk lands in the UK

Credit: The Metro


The limited edition dairy-free milk alternative is made using only hemp seeds, cashews, dates, coconut oil, vanilla, water, and cannabidiol—which the creates claim helps to promote calmness and tranquility.

Rawligion development consultant Michael Isted, who is a phytotherapist and development consultant for the plant-based food company, told The Metro he wanted to develop a CBD-based drink because of its medicinal benefits. Isted says that whilst the formula doesn’t produce the same effects as smoking cannabis, “it’s used for a multitude of different health issues, including anxiety, cancer (particularly the side effects of conventional treatment), pain relief, depression, and sleep disorders.”


CBD oil is made from hemp and doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive properties found in other cannabis compounds, like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So no whilst it doesn’t get you high or stoned, it does react to the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system, which regulate the body’s homeostasis, or general state of balance – so impacts on mood, sleep, hormone regulation, immune response and pain.

‘The cannabis plant is almost the perfect plan – humans are supposed to have a relationship with this plant because we have cannabinoid receptors all over our body,’ says Michael. But he does say that their milk can only have the desired effect if drunk carefully. ‘It’s subtle, but so far all who have consumed the drink mindfully have felt the desired effect.

hemp milk and seeds

‘I don’t mean to use the word mindfully in a hipster way, just more a case of someone actually paying attention to how they feel before hand, during drinking and afterwards instead of having it as a drink to wash down a meal with!’

But what does Rawligion’s Rlex milk taste like? Well appearently it tastes very similar to almond milk – albeit slightly earthier – and has a slightly, cannabis-like aftertaste.

Relax is available through Rawligion to residents of central London only. 

Source: The Metro

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