Vegan activists’ video goes viral thanks to a young boy named Zack

Read Time:   |  19th September 2016

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A vegan activists’ campaign video has received nationwide attention thanks to the comments made by a young boy…


Vegan campaigners in eerie white masks formed a silent, semi-circle at the bottom of Torquay’s Union Street to share animal cruelty Earthlings Experience videos with a warning disclaimer about the shocking nature of the films to the general public. After seeing the videos, passers-by were then asked to share their reaction on film, but it was a young boy named Zack who proved to be the star of the video with his perceptive, honest comments.

The little boy, called Zack, tells the cameras: “I hate meat and I love animals. It’s kind of obvious… I don’t like the insides of an animal. I like the outside of it. People are very weird if they eat animals ‘cos they’re eating something they love.”

The video has been posted on YouTube by Chris Hines who said: “We took part in the first Torquay Earthlings Experience. What this little kid said will shock you.”

Now the international campaign group has said: “This is the best! We love that little kid. Go Torquay vegan activists!”


The campaign group said: “We are a group of vegans who believe that being vegan is not enough; the animals need us to be proactive and campaign vigorously on their behalf to bring about change.

“We turn words into actions and actions into victories, we will not stand by whilst our brothers and sisters, the nonhuman animals, are abused and exploited at every opportunity by humans.

“We are also a political activism movement using creativity and daring to hold politicians to account for the suffering of animals.”

For more information on Earthlings Experience, and how you can get involved here, please visit their Facebook page

This story first appeared in the Torquay Herald Express

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