The UK’s first ever vegan ‘Mylk Man’ service comes to London

Read Time:   |  12th October 2017

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Whilst traditional milkmen are becoming a thing of the past in the UK, there’s a new milk delivery service in town that’s delivery dairy-free milks straight to your door. 

Mylk Man a dairy-free milk delivery service, is the brainchild of entrepreneur Jamie Chapman and his business partner. The duo are on a mission to delivery freshly made plant-based milks to the good people of London. The business was launched due to the increasing interest in veganism in the city, which has seen numerous vegan businesses opening their doors in recent years.

“We saw that the vegan movement was growing and growing,” says Chapman. “More people are ditching dairy, for environmental and animal cruelty reasons.”

Freshly made

The ‘mylks’ are made first thing in the morning and then delivered straight to customers door in glass bottles. When you’re finished with your bottle, simply pop it outside to be collected the next time they swing by.

The ‘mylk’ range has several varieties including almond and coconut, and more adventurous flavours such as cashew, turmeric, pistachio and sweet chai. They also contain a minimum 12 percent of nuts, giving them an edge on supermarket milks which typically contain much lower amounts.

Cost-wise, a 500ml bottle of almond is £1.75, with the special varieties going up to £2.80. Coconut is £1.60 and cashew is £1.90.


Chapman is keen to ensure that the milks are plastic-free, and so reuses glass bottles as much as possible when delivering. The duo are also donating 10 percent of their profits to Greenpeace.

In order to keep their carbon footprint low, Mylk Man delivery their bottles by bicycle, although this may be upgraded to an electric float if demand increases.

“Sustainability is fundamental to what we do,” says Jamie. “As well as being plastic-free and using glass bottles, we give 10 per cent of our profits to Greenpeace. And we’re stocked in massive tanks at the Bulk Market zero waste shop, in Dalston.”

Deliveries take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, or you can pop by Broadway Vegan Market every Saturday, where the company has a stall.

Mylk Man currently delivers in central east, north and south London postcodes, and are looking to expand around the UK. However the duo have had some interest from Amsterdam who are keen to start a similar system there.

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