UK Government reported to backtrack on foie gras and fur import ban

Author: Molly Pickering

Read Time:   |  21st February 2022

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UK cabinet ministers have called for the UK's proposed ban on foie gras and fur imports to be scrapped from the Animals Abroad Bill

The UK Government is set to make a controversial U-turn on its foie gras and fur import ban.

Several cabinet ministers have raised ‘concerns’ regarding the proposed measures that were due to be included in the Animals Abroad Bill.

Although a final decision has not yet been reached, the Government has assured that it is “united in its commitment to upholding its world-leading standards in animal welfare”.

Furthermore, animal welfare groups are calling on the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, DEFRA, to publish the fur trade Call for Evidence.

Source: Lillis Photography via Getty Images

Source: Lillis Photography via Getty Images

UK foie gras and fur ban

Fur farming has been banned across the UK since 2003, however, more the £800 million in animal fur has since been imported from countries including Finland and China.

Additionally, barbaric foie gras production has been banned in the UK leading to mass imports from France.

Foie gras is made from duck or geese’s livers that have been fattened up by force-feeding with a tube.

Imports of both products were set to be banned as part of the Animals Abroad Bill, which protects animals that are hunted for trophies as well as animals used for entertainment purposes.

However, the bill has been delayed amid concerns from ministers regarding foie gras and fur.

According to the BBC, Minister for Brexit Opportunities, Jacob Rees Moggs, believes the UK should not be restricting consumers.

Moreover, the Minister believes the planned ban would have no impact on animal welfare in the UK.

“72% of Brits want a fur ban”

Responding to the UK’s plans, Humane Society International has called for the results of the DEFRA’s 2021 fur trade Call for Evidence.

The Call for Evidence received 30,000 responses from people of the public, fashion industry, and businesses.

In a statement, Executive Director of HSI, Claire Bass, said: “Polls show that 72% of Brits want a fur ban, and over 140 MPs from all parties agree that we should not remain complicit in the death and suffering of millions of animals caged or trapped overseas for frivolous fashion.

“Last year there were 30,000 responses to the government’s Call for Evidence on the fur trade, we are calling for the results to be published.”

Bass added that it should be these results that determine the Government’s policy, not the personal preferences of selected ministers.

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Source: BBC
Feature image source: Pierre Longus via Getty Images

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