Meet Mighty Plants – the UK’s new online vegan supermarket specialising in frozen food

Read Time:   |  23rd June 2021

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A new online vegan supermarket, Mighty Plants, has launched in UK to make buying frozen vegan food more convenient

There’s a brand-new vegan supermarket in town, Mighty Plants. But unlike other online supermarkets, this family-run store will be selling only frozen vegan food.

Mighty Plants owners Becky and Gabe Osbourne created the online supermarket to make vegan food more convenient, as well as giving a platform to smaller name brands.

Becky and Gabe are the vegan minds behind dairy-free ice-cream brand Fravocado.

The couple started their vegan journey when their son Rupert was born with a dairy-intolerance.

Becky and Gabe Osbourne started their vegan journey when their son Rupert was born with a dairy-intolerance

Becky and Gabe Osbourne started their vegan journey when their son Rupert was born with a dairy-intolerance

Mighty Plants

Mighty Plants offers a wide range of frozen vegan products that can be delivered straight to your door.

From frozen vegan meats and fish alternatives to dairy-free cheese and egg replacements – they have it all!

Mighty Plants was set up as platform that showcases the amazing plant-based products from lesser-known brands, alongside some recognisable favourites.

Furthermore, on the website the owners shared: “We focus on frozen products as it retains its freshness and quality and has a big impact on reducing food waste.”

Each eco-friendly delivery is insulated using recycled plastic bottles as well as carbon neutral dry ice.


Frozen veg future

For some time, frozen fruit and veg has been less favoured compared to ‘fresh’ non-frozen produce, often thinking frozen fruit and veg is less nutritious. Interestingly, this isn’t always the truth.

Frozen fruit and veg is more than just convenient. Frozen fruit and veg is packed with nutrients as they are picked at their ripest time because they are picked, packaged and frozen within hours.

In Vegan Food and Living’s Simply Vegan podcast, we interviewed Strong Roots’ CEO Sam Dennigan to discuss the benefits of frozen produce.

During the interview, Dennigan discussed how Strong Root’s latest campaign, Make Veg Poverty History, was fighting for food equality for people in the UK.

Fast and convenient food lacking in nutrients is often marketed at people with lower income, resulting in a large amount of the population not getting the nutrience they need.

The Make Veg Poverty campaign has worked with food banks across the UK to ensure those in need are getting the food they need via frozen produce.

It is vital everyone is included and has access to nutritious food across the globe. By changing people’s perspective on frozen produce, we can help combat food poverty.

Want to eat healthier on a budget? Here’s our guide to enjoy a healthy vegan diet on a budget.

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