70% of UK drivers want to purchase vegan cars, research reveals

Author: Elena Amoroso

Read Time:   |  18th May 2022

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A new report from The Vegan Society shows that 70% of UK drivers are keen to purchase fully vegan cars.


A new report from The Vegan Society has revealed that many drivers in the UK are in favour of driving a vegan vehicle.

The results from this research indicate that 75% of respondents want to see the removal of animal products from cars.

This research also revealed that 70% of UK drivers are actively interested in purchasing a completely animal-free and vegan car.

Moreover, 44% of these drivers believe it is unnecessary to use animal derivatives to manufacture cars. Out of these drivers, 18% were driven by environmental issues and 14% by ethical reasons.

Hidden animal-derived materials in cars

So what makes a car non-vegan?

Many people don’t realise there are several aspects of car manufacturing that use animal products as part of the process.

The media displays are reportedly made from liquid crystals that can often be derived from animal cholesterol.

Another material called tallow (also known as sheep fat) is also commonly used to toughen the rubber and plastic used for tyres.

But it’s not just the interior that is made using animal products – the paintwork on the exterior body of a car may also contain pigments from an animal-derived source.

Even the steel used for the car frame may have been lubricated with animal fat.

However, the most commonly known non-vegan aspect of cars is leather seating.

Leather interiors have come under criticism from the majority of the research audience, with 55% of the participants stating they would prefer car manufacturers would not to use leather.

Furthermore, 77% of those surveyed expressed interest in plant-based leather being used instead.

Senior Insight and Policy Officer at The Vegan Society, Louisianna Waring, is optimistic about the potential: “While the concept of a vegan car has been of interest to drivers and car manufacturers for a number of years, it’s highly encouraging to see how many motorists would opt for a vegan model.

“The automotive industry is taking steps in a more ethical direction, but products from animals can still feature throughout the manufacturing process.

“We wanted to understand the public’s perception of how animals are used in the industry, and it’s pleasing to see that 70% of consumers are revving up to see fully vegan cars hit the road in the future.”

Many aspects of the car manufacturing process involve using animal-derived materials. Image via Getty by Morsa Images.

Many aspects of the car manufacturing process involve using animal-derived materials. Image via Getty by Morsa Images.

The vegan car industry is beginning to bloom

The vegan car industry has been a gradual trend over the past few years.

For example, in order to address environmental and ethical issues, Volvo has pledged to go leather-free and vegan-friendly by 2030.

After receiving criticism from potential customers about Tesla’s eco-friendly stance, Tesla only offers vegan leather interiors in its cars.

Additionally, a progressive partnership between Jaguar Land Rover and Ultrafabrics saw that the latest Land Rover now offers a vegan leather interior.

The research from the Vegan Society also showed that, when looking for a new car, 57% of respondents would look for a manufacturer that provided animal-free options.

In addition, 61% would opt for a manufacturer with green credentials, which indicates that consumers are holding both ethics and sustainability in high regard.

If you are also keen to make the switch to a more vegan-friendly vehicle, The Vegan Society advises to ask the staff at showrooms or to contact the manufacturing head office to find out which models are suitable.

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