Almost half of UK adults are cutting out animal products, new research reveals

Author: Elena Amoroso

Read Time:   |  29th March 2022

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New research has given an insight into the shifting dietary habits of the UK population and revealed that almost half of UK adults are cutting their intake of animal products.


New data from leading market research company IPSOS has revealed a dramatic reduction in the intake of animal-based products in the UK population.

The research, which focused on a representative sample of 2100 adults in the UK, found that almost half the population aged 16-75 are reducing their consumption of dairy and meat products.

One noticeable change has been the increase in demand for plant-based milk, with 48% of UK adults now using plant-based milk instead of dairy.

UK adults are proving that plant-based milk is growing in popularity, with almond, oat and coconut alternatives being the top three choices.

However, although many are moving away from dairy and opting for animal-free milk, 58% of adults are still consuming dairy.

Vegan meat alternatives have also been soaring in popularity, with 58% of adults now using one plant-based meat alternative in place of meat.

Although there are many producers offering meat-free options, Quorn proved to be the most popular with 29% of respondents choosing this as their favourite replacement.

IPSOS’ research also revealed a growing demand for more wholefood options, with 28% of respondents stating they preferred bean burgers, legumes and chickpea pasta dishes to processed meat alternatives.

UK shoppers are opting for more plant-based options. Source: Getty

UK shoppers are opting for more plant-based options. Source: Getty


What’s preventing more UK adults to make the cut?

The research has also revealed that there are obstacles in place that are making it harder for people to make the switch.

The most significant barrier is the pricing, with 33% of respondents claiming that the cost of plant-based alternatives is too high.

Understandably the rising cost of living has people concerned.

Aside from the price, other factors were the ‘lack of naturalness’, taste, and texture.

However, with the amazing progress of plant-based alternatives coming out, these opinions will continue to shift.

From textured meats to egg replacements, the world of vegan alternatives is constantly growing.

Need some help making the switch yourself? Find out our top tips to make the transition easy!

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