Michelin Star chef Tom Kerridge opens restaurant concept Bad Vegan in Camden

Read Time:   |  26th February 2021

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Tom Kerridge is opening a vegan-ish restaurant concept in Buck Street Market this spring for people who want to eat more plant-based food.

In an interesting move away from his classic pub and grill food, Michelin Star chef Tom Kerridge is set to open a plant-based concept in Buck Street Market this spring, Bad Vegan.

As the name suggests, the restaurant concept will be ‘fundamentally vegan’ but will offer some non-vegan toppings and sides for ‘bad vegans’ who want to eat more plant-based but can’t fully commit to 100% vegan food.

This ‘revolutionary fast-food restaurant’ will likely primarily cater to the growing number of flexitarians in the UK and embraces a slow transition towards a more plant-focused diet.

We aren’t sure exactly what Kerridge will be serving up at Bad Vegan yet, but it will offer a range of vegan ‘hero’ dishes as well as filthy vegan shakes and partner with Camden Town Brewery for vegan-friendly beer options.

The only hints we get from the Bad Vegan website are some quirky superhero drawings featuring characters such as ‘Awesome Avocado’, ‘Badass Bacon’ and ‘Butt-Kicking Broccoli’.

‘Predominantly vegan’

Kerridge has partnered with brand specialist Mark Emms to open the new vegan concept at Buck Street Market, the UK’s ‘first eco-conscious consumer market’ made up of shipping containers.

Speaking to Big Hospitality, Emms commented: “Our principles are simple – we want to encourage people to make small changes to their diet, incorporating more plant-based food.

“We know that a growing number of consumers want to commit to this, but a purely vegan diet isn’t for everyone, so by adding a small amount of non-vegan elements our food retains familiarity whilst being predominantly vegan.

“Buck Street Market, and Camden, generally, embraces sustainability like no other destination, so this is the perfect place to build the Bad Vegan brand.”

Can ‘Good Vegans’ eat there?

Answering some FAQs on the website, Bad Vegan explained that while they will be serving some non-vegan food items, it is perfectly safe for 100% vegans to tuck in too.

“We have designated areas in the kitchen for non-vegan foods to avoid cross-contamination. We use separate utensils and cooking equipment for all non-vegan foods and the strictest hygiene rules are enforced at all times.” The website explains.

Bad Vegan will be opening up this spring in Buck Street Market, Camden. 

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