Cowspiracy director to premiere new documentary uncovering racial injustice in US food system

Author: Molly Pickering

Read Time:   |  2nd November 2021

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A new documentary produced by Billie Eilish and Chris Paul, They're Trying To Kill Us, is set to premiere exposing racial inequality in the US food system


Cowspiracy director Keegan Kuhn and Bad Ass Vegan founder John Lewis are preparing to debut their new documentary uncovering racial injustice in the American food system.

They’re Trying To Kill Us, produced by Billie Eilish and Chris Paul, features musicians, doctors, and athletes supporting the argument that people of colour in America suffer from disproportionately higher rates of chronic disease than their white American counterparts.

The documentary follows vegan director John Lewis on his journey through the US while he examines intersections of food, disease, race, poverty, institutional racism, and government corruption.


They’re Trying To Kill Us

The forthcoming documentary shines a light on the harrowing reality surrounding health and nutrition in Black communities.

According to the film’s Instagram account, Black Americans are twice as likely to die from diabetes compared to white Americans thanks to ‘poisonous diets’.

The description read: “This is more than a statistic. This is an epidemic.”

Additionally, the page highlights: “Food deserts disproportionately affect African Americans and communities of colour.”

Throughout the film, Lewis and Kuhn interview celebrities, Hip Hop artists, and vegan activists to share their own experiences of this devastating issue.

Ne-Yo, Derrick Morgan, MYA, Wu-Tang Clan’s Mathematics, and Lola Monroe are just some of the Black artists featured in the documentary.

As well as Dr Rosa Kincaid MD, Dr Ruby Lathon, PhD, Senator Brian Williams, Chef Babette and many more.

In a statement, Executive Producer Billie Eilish shared: “I want people to see this film.

“It is so important to help all of us understand the depth of the issue, and that we must all take action to change the food system.”

When and where can we watch it?

They’re Trying to Kill Us will premiere at 11 am EST on November 11th.

The film will be exclusively released on the film’s website.

There is a $20 charge to download the film, allowing participants and supporters access to the film’s purchasing page. From there they can divide the profits 50/50 for the first week of release.

Furthermore, the filmmakers will also give the first $1 million to charities supporting the fight against racial injustice and food poverty.

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