The first all-vegan ‘fish’ and chip shop in Kent to open this week

Read Time:   |  18th October 2018

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The first completely vegan ‘fish’ and chip shop in Kent is about to open its doors for the first time this week. 

vegan fish and chip shop in kent

The Goodwin family, who have been vegan for a decade, are bringing vegan ‘fish’ and chips to Kent for the very first time with the opening of their family-run eatery.

Speaking about the decision to open the vegan eatery to news outlet Kent Live, Stacy Goodwin, who will run Veg’n Out along with her sister, parents and son, said: “A couple of years ago my sister and I did a Tough Mudder. Out of the catering trailers, the busiest one was the vegetarian one. We thought this is a really good idea so we ran a catering trailer in Canterbury for about a year.

“Broadstairs is where the events happen, and it’s just the nicest area of Thanet with the restaurants at the bottom and the sea. It’s a lovely location really.”

vegan fish and chip shop in kent

The family-run vegan chippy has an extensive menu featuring a wide range of vegan alternatives that you’d expect to find in a traditional chippy. Customers at the chip shop will find a delicious selection of mock meats and fish, such as ‘fish’ and chips, vegan ‘chicken’ nuggets and drumsticks, as well as a variety of burgers.

The chippy will also operate as a cafe to offer filled rolls and baguettes, ice creams, waffles, cakes and bakes, and salad pots to those looking for lighter bites during the day.

vegan fish and chip shop in kent

Discussing her new vegan venture, Stacy Goodwin added: “We are the first vegan chip shop currently in Kent – the nearest one is Hackney, and it’s not run by vegans.

“We have never done anything like this before, it’s a bit scary but exciting. We hope to be successful but also to show that times are changing and people are waking up to the fact meat and dairy are no good for you.

“Hopefully we can get the word out that you can have fast food that doesn’t have to come from an animal, and it’s obviously healthier as the vegan diet is cholesterol free. You can be vegan and have nice fast food.”

Veg’n Out is located at 34-36 Albion Street in Broadstairs, and it will open its doors for the first time on Friday, October 19.

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