Tesla will now only offer vegan leather interiors in their cars

Read Time:   |  24th July 2017

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Tesla has made some big changes to the customisation options they offer customers, and have eliminated one thing: leather seats.

Photo: Tesla Motors

The company have removed all reference to leather seats from the website, and all their interiors are now being referred to as Tesla’s ‘premium’ range, which is the name applied to their original vegan seats made of a new synthetic material.

Tesla’s mission statement is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”  While many are attracted to Teslas simply because of their high-performance, it’s clear that an electric car company should be offering consumers a more environmentally-friendly choice.  So, naturally, this would mean that many of Tesla’s customers would seek out an interior which doesn’t rely on bovine agriculture.

As animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change,  this decision further strengthens Tesla’s position as the most environmentally-friendly and forward thinking car company.

Photo: Tesla Motors

Leather steering wheels

However, not every component in a Tesla is vegan, as the cars still come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel as standard according to Electrek magazine. However, Tesla has offered to provide a non-leather steering wheel upon request in the past for customers who make a point of avoiding all leather.

Source: Electrek

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