Tesco to deliver a vegan feast this Christmas with its festive range for 2021

Author: Molly Pickering

Read Time:   |  29th July 2021

Tesco has announced its extensive vegan Christmas range for 2021 for the ultimate festive menu. From show-stopping vegan centrepieces to indulgent dairy-free desserts, get set to impress all your guests round the dinner table

As the UK recovers from a scorching heatwave, Tesco has us dreaming of a vegan Christmas following the announcement of its 2021 plant-based festive range.

This year’s Tesco vegan Christmas range will get you feeling the festive spirit with its show-stopping mains and indulgent plant-based puddings.

Tesco has worked closely with its resident vegan chef Derek Sarno to create innovative plant-based Christmas classics as well as some favourites from Christmases past.

Vegan Canapés & Nibbles

We all know how important it is to stock up on emergency party food and nibbles during December.

With Tesco’s new plant-based festive vegan range, everyone can enjoy an indulgent treat without the fuss!

Plates will be piled high with Tesco’s Plant Chef Meat Free Mini Not-dogs & Burgers (£5).

These irresistible mini meat-free burgers and plant-based Cumberland sausages in glazed white rolls are perfect for the whole family.

Additionally, wow your guests with Wicked Kitchen’s Mini Mac Party Pots (£4).

The no-fuss individual mini pots are filled with macaroni smothered in a velvety vegan smoked cheese sauce, topped with crispy fried onions, and studded with plant-based chorizo.

Fancy something decadent? Wicked Kitchen Mature Cheddar Alternative & White Wine Bake is the perfect treat for your guests, or even just yourself!

This velvety vegan smoked cheddar cheese fondue is infused with white wine and served in a ceramic dish.

Serve with fresh bread or vegan cold meats for the perfect Christmas treat.

Wicked Smoked Mature Cheddar Alternative and White Wine Bake.

Sides & Trimmings

No one can dispute that Christmas dinner is nothing without the glorious trimmings.

Crispy roast potatoes, glazed vegetables and lashings of gravy add magic to our festive plates.

Over the years, vegans have been spoilt for choice with delicious festive sides, and this year is so exception.

Tesco has stepped up again with Wicked Kitchen Bac-NO Sprouts & Chestnuts (£2.60).

Even sprout haters won’t be able to resist these Brussels sprouts and chopped chestnuts with a sweet maple dressing and soya protein pieces.

Don’t forget Plant Chef’s Cauliflower & Broccoli Gratin (£2.25) in a vegan creamy cheese sauce finished with a coconut alternative to cheese sprinkle. Yum!

Plant-Based Centrepieces

We all know how important a festive main can be as we often find ourselves thinking weeks or months in advance about what to have on the big day.

Take the stress out of the holidays with these scrumptious vegan Christmas mains from Tesco.

Back by popular demand is the Wicked Kitchen, the No-Turkey Roast Crown (£5.00)

This tender and juicy, easy-carve ‘No-Turkey’ crown is made with savoury soy and wheat protein, topped with vegan butter melt and a sage and onion stuffing crumb. It cooks in just 45 minutes and carves like real turkey.

Tesco vegan Christmas 2021

Why not try something different like Plant Chef’s Portobello Mushroom Wellington?

A whole portobello mushroom with a rich soya and mushroom duxelles, nestled in golden plant-based pastry, and topped with sweet and tangy beetroot and cranberry stuffing.

Another new main joining the range this year is the Plant Chef Parcels with Beet Sauce & Horseradish Crumb. 

These golden parcels of plant-based pastry are filled with roasted parsnip and carrot and served with beetroot sauce.

Plant Chef Cauliflower and Broccoli Gratin

For more intimate gatherings, Tesco’s Finest Vegan Christmas Dinner Box for Two (£35) is pure perfection.

Designed for those looking to dine in style and save time with their festive food shopping, the box is filled with 15 items, including a flaky and golden ‘No-Beef’ Wicked Kitchen Wellington.

The vegan centrepiece is served alongside plant-based festive favourites such as herby stuffing balls and cocktail sausages.

Plus, you won’t miss out on any traditional trimmings such as crispy roasties, thyme-roasted carrots, port-infused cranberry sauce and, of course, sprouts.

Arguably, a Christmas dinner would not be complete without a boozy Christmas pudding, with the vegan version included filled with sultanas, cider, and rum, and served with a delicious brandy sauce.

Diners can toast the festive meal with a glass of Tesco Finest Premier Cru Champagne.

Tesco Finest Vegan Christmas Dinner for Two

Festive Desserts

Festive puddings are such an important part of Christmas for us. Nothing leaves us feeling warm and cosy like a sweet treat to celebrate the holidays.

Thankfully, Tesco has our sweet tooth covered with their new 4 Christmas desserts.

Wicked Kitchen’s Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cake (£7) will be the centrepiece at any festive party.

This soft vegan chocolate caramel cake is made with beetroot and filled with a rich, velvety Belgian chocolate frosting.

Finished with a smooth sea salted caramel sauce, the cake is topped with a Belgian chocolate frosting and decorated with delicate sugar work.

For a twist on a classic, Wicked Kitchen’s Belgian Chocolate and Salted Caramel Log is one cool Yule log!

The chocolatey vegan sponge, Wicked chocolate mousse and silky caramel topped with roasted hazelnuts and chocolate pieces will be an instant hit for everyone.

Tesco vegan Christmas 2021

In addition, what’s Christmas without a pie or two? Wicked Kitchen’s Awesome Apple & Salted Caramel Pies (6 for £2.00) are the perfect alternative to mince pies.

They’re made from a crumbly plant-based shortcrust pastry with a sweet and spicy aromatic chai flavour, juicy Bramley apple chunks and salted caramel sauce.

And finally, whether you love it or hate it, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a fruity, boozing pudding.

Wicked Kitchen Spiced Rum Christmas Pudding is a perfect vegan twist on a classic.

This fruity Christmas pudding is lightly spiced with cinnamon and ginger and filled with succulent vine fruits, golden spiced rum, whole blonde glacé cherries, and crunchy split almonds.

It’s finished with an extra shot of golden spiced rum for that Christmas spirit!

Wicked Kitchen's Awesome Apple & Salted Caramel Pies and Wicked Kitchen Rum Pudding

“Whipping up a delicious Christmas dinner is easier than ever”

The creator behind Tesco’s Plant Chef and Wicked Kitchen shared: “Gone are the days where dietary requirements cause a headache for the host.

“Thanks to Tesco, whipping up a delicious Christmas dinner is easier than ever.”

Moreover, Sarno revealed his favourite from the range is the Belgian Chocolate and Salted Caramel Log, exclaiming that it “will blow your socks off it’s that good!”

As the country prepares to return to some normality, families and friends can prepare to enjoy an intimate Christmas filled with loved ones and delicious plant-based foods.

The Tesco vegan Christmas 2021 range is a great way to take the pressure off cooking at Christmas.

But if you prefer to make your own dishes, here are 45 of the best vegan Christmas recipes


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