Tesco reveals plans for massive increase in vegan products with a new plant-based range

Read Time:   |  26th June 2019

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Tesco is getting set to expand its vegan product range to include up to 300 different plant-based products in a bid to boost sales. 

tesco to increase vegan range

Tesco’s chief executive Dave Lewis has revealed that the UK’s largest supermarket is set to launch hundreds of brand new vegan ready meals to stores in a bid to boost profits after it revealed plans to its investors and City analysts at a presentation.

The Guardian reports that Tesco will introduce a brand new plant-based ready meal brand, Plant Chef as well as expanding its vegan-friendly product range to include approximately 300 vegan products from the 32 it currently sells under its Wicked Kitchen brand, an increase of 837%.

Wicked Kitchen

The move by the company may have been influenced by the success of the launch of the popular Wicked Kitchen range.

Following its launch in January 2018, 4 million Wicked Kitchen vegan meals were sold at Tesco stores in the following 7-month period, beating all records and projections for their success.

The range ­– which was created by Tesco’s Director of Plant-Based Innovation, Derek Sarno, and his brother Chad – is made up of 32 innovative products. These include a grab-and-go selection of sandwiches, salads and wraps, as well as various pizzas, pastas and curries.

Derek Sarno told Plant Based News: “We’re wicked happy about [sales]. We’re really so happy and thrilled to finally have something to eat that tastes as good as the mission feels. I just keep thinking every time someone has one of the meals that it means they’re not eating animals – and that is a good thought.”

On social media, he wrote: “We’ve proven to the world it’s time for a change and people are responding!’ He said: ‘it proves we can change, are changing and if we continue to provide delicious choices we will succeed much faster.”

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