Tesco launch vegan bakery items including cinnamon rolls in Wicked Kitchen range

Read Time:   |  4th January 2021

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The vegan chef duo behind Tesco's Wicked Kitchen range have launched vegan bakery items including cookies and cinnamon rolls.


Freshly baked vegan cookies? Yes, please!

Wicked Kitchen has answered our vegan prayers with a new selection of plant-based bakery items launching in Tesco.

The new range of sweet treats includes Cinnamon Scrolls, Oat Wheel Raisin Cookies, Double Trouble Chocolate Cookies and Blueberry Muffins.

These new vegan bakery items will hopefully help people trying Veganuary to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle with no missing out.

However, the new items are only limited-edition, and will only stay permanently if they prove popular, so get indulging!


‘It’s up to you’

Posting on social media, the chef behind the Wicked Kitchen range and Head of Plant Based Innovation at Tesco, Derek Sarno, told his followers about the new vegan Blueberry Muffins.

“Back in the days of cookery training one of the jobs I had was a short-order cook. We’d cut the muffins, butter em and grill em hot. So good!! These are smeared with Oatly creme fraiche, delicious!

“These are a test and only here for a short period, they’ll stay if there is enough interest so it’s up to you.”

We’ve never toasted a blueberry muffin and spread creme fraiche on top, but if Derek Sarno recommends it, it’s got to be worth a try!

The new range is available in Tesco stores now, and prices start at just £1.50. So what’s stopping you?

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