Tesco launches the first vegan Bakewell slices in Wicked Kitchen range

Read Time:   |  15th April 2021

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Tesco's Wicked Kitchen range has two new products on offer, including the first-ever vegan Bakewell Slices available at a major UK supermarket.

Tesco has done it again. The PETA award-winning supermarket has been providing us with epic vegan treats for the past couple of years, especially through the Wicked Kitchen range spearheaded by Derek Sarno.

This week, Tesco launched the first-ever vegan Bakewell Slices at a UK supermarket, decorated with a gold shimmer.

The new gluten-free slices are layered with raspberry conserve and almond flavoured frangipane and topped with lustred almond slices.

Wicked Kitchen simultaneously launched Chocolate Orange Slices which feature orange-flavoured sponge slices, topped with a chocolate frosting and candied orange peel pieces.

Announcing the launch on Instagram, Derek Sarno wrote: “Plant-based cake slices for the win! Now I have something munch on with my spearmint and Ashwagandha forever tea.”

The two new slices are priced at £2 and are both gluten-free as well as vegan.

The return of Veguanuary treats

Vegans were mystified when the new affordable bakery sweet treats launched for Veganuary disappeared from Tesco shelves in February.

But good news! They’re coming back!

This week, the irresistible Cinnamon Scrolls, Oat Wheel Raisin Cookies, Double Trouble Chocolate Cookies and Blueberry Muffins will be back on Tesco shelves.

Derek did warn us that they would only stay if there was enough interest!

Other vegan sweet treats in Tesco

Aside from the plant-based bakery goods, Wicked Kitchen has also launched some epic vegan ice-creams.

Rivalling Ben & Jerry’s in the flavour department, the new Wicked Kitchen Cookie Dough Ice Dream Treat features sweet vanilla ice cream generously studded with egg-free cookie dough pieces and chocolate chips.

Whether it’s your birthday or not, you can now treat yourself to a tub of Wicked Kitchen’s vegan Birthday Cake ice cream with vegan cake pieces and a flurry of rainbow-coloured sprinkles.

Moreover, back in February, the brand launched the first vegan white-chocolate coated ice cream sticks – Berry White Sticks – featuring sweet vanilla ice cream swirled with berry sauce.

We can’t wait to tuck into all the new products, and we’re sure Wicked Kitchen has something else up its sleeve ready for summer!

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