Tesco adds vegan cold-cut sandwiches and pasta salad bowls to Wicked Kitchen range

Read Time:   |  29th October 2018

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Hot on the heels on the latest Wicked Kitchen launch, Tesco has added yet more products to the range with the addition of some exciting new lunch offerings. 

wicked kitchen cold cut sandwiches

You won’t find the typical butternut squash and falafel sandwiches that once graced supermarket shelves in Wicked Kitchen’s latest release in Tesco because they’re on a mission to change the perception of vegan food by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to create with plants.

Italian Style Cold Cuts Sub

The dynamic-duo behind the range, brothers Chad and Derek Sarno of Wicked Healthy, have taken inspiration from their New England upbringing with the creation of the brand new Italian Style Cold Cuts Sub, a product they claim they are “particularly proud of this as we offer something again that’s never been done before.”

The Italian Style Cold Cuts Sub (£3) is a play off of what the brothers grew up with as kids in New England and is inspired by old-school style Italian Sub sandwichs or ‘Hoagies’.

wicked kitchen cold cut sandwiches

The cold cuts in the subs in ‘made from the humble and mighty root veggie the good ole Celeriac monster’ which is seasoned and slow roasted on a low heat before being sliced and brined with spices to ensure its reminiscent of the classic Italian cold cuts. Prepared with the addition of smoked Gouda from Follow Your Heart, garden pesto-mayo, pepperoncini and mixed greens cuddled between a squishy sub roll, this sub impresses with its creativity and bold flavours.

Salad Bowls

Not only is Tesco adding the subs in its front-of-store offerings it’s also launching the product along with nine brand new Wicked Kitchen items into Tesco throughout the U.K, including pasta salads and salad bowls.

Up next is the Mac Attack Salad Bowl, which features cheezy style macaroni salad with Boston style baked beans, fresh greens and sliced chilli for added pow pow!

wicked kitchen cold cut sandwiches

There’s also Citrus Noodle Salad bowls, which are comprised of noodles tossed with green beans, chillis and toasted cashews. Keep your eyes peeled for the Curried Protein Pot and Tex Mex Salad Bowl which are also joining the supermarket range.

Holiday Sandwiches 

In celebration of the upcoming holidays, Wicked Kitchen has launched two new festive holiday sarnies in the form of the Smoked Carrot Celebration on Rye, which is filled with oak smoked carrot layered with a gherkin and dill spread, peppery rocket and crisp spring greens.

There’s also the Bubble & Squeak with Greens with spiced potato and veg style fritters with chestnut stuffing, tangy cranberry chutney and crisp red cabbage.

Check out the most recent additions to the Wicked Kitchen range in Tesco here. 

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