Tesco adds 20 new products to Wicked Kitchen range including lasagne and sausage rolls

Read Time:   |  12th November 2018

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Tesco has added yet more products to its Wicked Kitchen range, including ‘sausage’ rolls, lasagne, pizzas and grab-and-go-options. 

wicked kitchen new products

Following on from the success of their debut range, Wicked Kitchen has more-than-doubled their vegan range to include 26 delicious new plant-based products.

The new additions to the range have been rolled out over the past month, with the first desserts from Wicked Kitchen hitting the shelves first, closely followed by Italian Style Cold Cuts sandwiches.

Now Tesco has released even more new products into the range, but delicious new on-the-go options such as the the Curried Cauli Pasty (£1.50) with flaky puff pastry packed with roasted turmeric cauliflower, diced potato and chunky veg.

For those who miss sausage rolls the new range now includes All the Rage Rolls (£2) which are made with roasted kale, savoury white mushroom and cooked garlic and wrapped in flaky pastry.

wicked kitchen new products

For those looking for an easy meal this winter there’s a hearty new Wicked Pesto Lasagne (£4) and a Spicy Mushroom and Veg Sourdough Pizza joining the lineup of ready-made plant-based meals.

Other new options include:

  • Pesto Lasagne (with basil-kale-mint pesto, white sauce, and pine nut topper)
  • Filthy Fiery Fries (Texas-style roasted potato wedges with BBQ pulled mushrooms, jalapenos and cheeze)
  • Big Bros Enchiladas (spiced beans and rice, roasted sweet potato, jalapeno cheeze, topped with spiced red sauce and roasted corn salsa)
  • Spicy Mushroom and Veg Sourdough Pizza
  • Packed Puff Pie (roasted cauliflower and oyster mushrooms in a brandy gravy and flaky pastry)
  • All The Rage Rolls (roasted kale, mushrooms and garlic wrapped in flaky pastry with seed topper)
  • Smoked Carrot Celebration Sandwich (Limited Holiday Edition)
  • Bubble and Squeak Sandwich (Limited Holiday Edition)
  • Cali Roll Cold Cuts Sub
  • Mac Attack Salad Bowl
  • Citrus Noodle Salad Bowl
  • Tex-Mex Salad Bowl
  • Turmeric Cauliflower and Coconut Bites wrap
  • Curried Protein Pot
  • Toasted Three Onion Dip
  • Hella’ Cold Cracked Corn Dip
  • Hipster Salad
  • Street Market Rainbow Slaw
  • Almighty Green
  • Painted Potato Salad
  • Stir Fried Black Pepper Tofu
  • Chinese BBQ Shreds and Greens
  • Margarita Sourdough Pizza
  • Curried Cauli Pasty


“We know from our own data that flexitarianism is on the rise and many more customers are dabbling in cutting out meat for a day or so during their weekly diet,” Tesco Product Development Director Kate Ewart said in a statement.

“With the new range we’re now hoping to attract an even wider audience including customers looking for on-the-go delicious snacks such as a plant based sausage roll, pie or pasty as well as dessert lovers.”

Veganism is going mainstream

Discussing the new additions to the range, Derek Sarno, Tesco’s Director of Plant Based Innovation, said: “This is a dream come true for us.  When we launched Wicked Kitchen back in January, the response was just phenomenal. We’re excited to be able to announce the expansion of the range today.”

wicked kitchen launches new products

He continued: “At the start of the year, I said that veganism was going mainstream, and – as plant-based options are taking over the supermarket shelves – that belief is fast becoming a reality.

“Thank you so much to everyone who has bought and loved Wicked Kitchen food. I can’t wait for you to try these new items too.”

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