Swedish brand Oumph's vegan meat-alternatives are now being sold at Tesco

Swedish brand Oumph’s vegan meat-alternatives are now being sold at Tesco

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Swedish brand Oumph!’s vegan meat-alternatives are now being stocked at 400 Tesco supermarket locations throughout the UK.

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The market for vegan products and alternatives to non-vegan options such as meat and cheese is booming, with more products being added to stores every day – there’s never been so much choice for those who eschew animal products.

Not content with launching a range of 20 vegan ready-meals as part of their brand new Wicked Kitchen range, supermarket giant Tesco is now stocking Swedish meat-alternative brand Oumph’s products in 400 stores throughout the UK.

The plant-based selection of Oumph! products sold at Tesco include its Pulled Oumph!, Kebab Spiced, and The Chunk. The products were selected by Wicked Healthy co-founder, Derek Sarno, who is the Director of Plant-Based Food Innovation at Tesco.

“We have been looking forward to this launch,” Anders Wallerman, co-founder and CEO of Food for Progress, Oumph!’s parent company, said in a statement. “Tesco is the perfect partner for us, not only because of their size, but also because they are at the forefront of British grocery chains for good and durable products.”

The new range of Oumph! products are now to buy in available in select Tesco locations.