Study finds Quorn protein equivalent to animal protein for muscle synthesis

Read Time:   |  1st December 2020

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A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition has found Quorn protein to be equivalent to animal protein concerning muscle protein synthesis in older adults


Animal protein is officially out as a study published in the BJN shows that it is not essential to support muscle protein synthesis in older adults.

The study analysed whether a vegan diet can support daily muscle synthesis to the same extent as adults eating an omnivorous diet. Nineteen adults ate a high-protein diet with the same amount of calories for three days – either vegan or animal protein.

Across the three days, the participants engaged in resistance-type leg extensive exercises and muscle samples were collected from both the rested and exercised legs.

The results showed that mycoprotein (unique to Quorn products) supports equivalent rested and exercised daily muscle rates in healthy adults as animal proteins. In fact, Quorn is the only vegan protein source to date that has been shown to do this, which means that the myth of animal proteins being superior has officially been busted.


‘Showcases the qualities of mycoprotein’

Tim Finnigan, Chief Scientific Adviser for Quorn Foods, said: “It is always exciting to release data that showcases the qualities of mycoprotein, particularly when we can prove that it provides similar results to consuming animal protein.”

Healthy ageing

Healthy ageing allows us to enjoy more years of life in better health so we can continue to stay active and do the things we love. When we get older there is a clear correlation between ageing and loss of skeletal muscle mass.

“The association between muscle loss and increased incidence of falls, fractures, and metabolic disease, particularly underlines the critical role that muscle mass and quality play in healthy ageing.

“We are extremely happy that mycoprotein can be suggested as an effective and beneficial protein source for older adults,” Finnegan added.

For the synthesis of new muscle protein, all twenty amino acids must be present in the body including all nine essential amino acids. Mycoprotein (Quorn) contains all nine amino acids, so you’re on your way to protecting your muscles with the fungal-derived protein.

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